Atlanta Automotive Recruitment

Atlanta’s economy comes in the 8th position in the nation and 18th in the world. This makes Atlanta an excellent hotspot for recruiters. There is a large number of the workf0rce in Atlanta who are unemployed, as the unemployment rate is currently at 5.9% which is above the national average. With a job growth rate of 2.21%, it means that there are numerous available opportunities for employers and job seekers in the near future. This is where the role of Atlanta automotive recruiters come into play.

The automotive industry is one of the dominating industries in Atlanta. It falls under the manufacturing industry, which employees more than 387,000 people in the state of Georgia every year. There are high chances of getting a good job in the automotive industry if you are working with the best Atlanta automotive recruiters.


Available jobs in the industry

Automotive companies have an expansive array of job positions to choose from. The final decision on who is the right person for each positions depends on qualifications, experience and personal preference. Some of the jobs available include:

  • Automotive mechanic
  • Automobile estimator
  • Automotive glass installer/repairer
  • Diesel engine mechanic
  • Ambulance driver
  • Bus drivers
  • Field operators
  • Floor assemblers
  • Heavy assemblers
  • Estimating manager and many more


Major players in the industry

Porsche Cars is one of the major employers in the sector in Atlanta. The company hires different types of people in its various departments including dealers, sales persons, executives, drivers, planners among others. There are currently more than 450 employees at Porshe. Tesla motors is another major employer in the city, hiring people of different skills and competencies in Atlanta.


Expected salary

Since there are a wide range of jobs in the automotive industry, it is good to note that the pay will also range greatly. An ambulance driver earns up to $30, 094 per year while a bus driver earns about $20, 456. A Plant manager is paid more, an average of about $100, 823 but an assembler earns between $28, 032 and $51, 702 for an entry level and a senior assembler respectively.


Recruitment processes and events

Atlanta automotive recruiting services are mainly offered by the best Atlanta automotive recruiters. These are the ones who identify the various vacancies in different companies in order to connect job seekers who seek their help in getting a job. They consider the needs of a company and the needs as well as the skills of a job seeker in order to fill the positions in these companies.

These are recruitments events too, which are organized yearly to ensure that job seekers are meeting with potential employers so as to get jobs in different automotive companies. The AAS DST EOE/ career fair held at Greenbrier Mall in Atlanta is a perfect example of these career fairs.


Atlanta automotive headhunters do their best to ensure that different vacancies in the automotive industry are filled with highly competent people by recommending only the best skilled and experienced individuals to employers in the industry.


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