Top 10 Recruitment Assessment Tools for 2020

Top 10 Recruitment Assessment Tools for 2018

Pre-employment assessments are arguably one of the most difficult and important aspects of hiring to navigate. As a human resource professional, you want to look at candidates from every angle and finish with an assessment confident and secure in your in-depth findings. There are a variety of employee assessment tools out there, but don’t worry we’ve done the groundwork for you. Here are the top 10 recruitment assessment tools for 2020.



OMG logo

More than just a cute acronym, OMG (Objective Management Group) offers current salesforce evaluation and looks closely at your employees and current in place strategies and functions to see if your employees can fulfill your business’s needs. Additionally, OMG offers expert assessments for a variety of sales positions.



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TestDome provides a method for testing work performance, intelligence and level of education through managing candidate responses to samples of real work. Save time testing and feel confident candidates won’t be able to cheat with TestDome’s secure software.


HR Avatar

HR Avatar

HR Avatar offers “whole person” testing, which is such a great term for what talent assessment tools need to provide: clear insight into the candidate as a whole. Each HR Avatar test is designed for a specific job and is configured to measure the factors that contribute most to success on that job. Test easily and get results and data in a matter of seconds.


Blue 360

Blue 360

Blue 360 easily integrations to your specific or existing evaluation model or workflow by assessing a candidate’s ability to teach and learn competencies. Blue 360 provides helpful and actionable insights towards candidate advancement and development aggregate reports, dashboards, and more.




What separates workable from other recruitment assessment tools is an easy and enjoyable interface that teams will enjoy using and interacting with. Workable is arguably the most popular recruitment assessment tool and with good reason, as it allows HR teams to hire collaboratively, integrates with social job boards easily, and helps to find, nurture and progress the best candidates.


holaSprit logo


holaSpirit a talent assessment tool belonging to its parent company Holacracy.  holaSprit works with existing users on Holacracy to provide everything from real-time meetings to check lists and metrics. holaSpirit is also equipped with a multilingual interface.


Monster Talent Management

Monster Talent Management

Monster Talent Management is a great recruitment assessment tool because it offers a suite or pre and post hiring management services and tools that help in a variety of areas relating to the hiring and onboarding processes. Monster Talent Management is scalable and customizable, mobile friendly, and offers real time data updates and insights.



bob logo

bob goes beyond HR automation in order to help human resource professionals make the best decisions regarding talent assessment. What we love about bob is that it takes away cells and sorting (always a headache) and leaves you with visibility and its easy analysis is sure to help HR teams identify execute the right decisions.


Teamable logo

What can be important or valuable than a quality referral when it comes to hiring? Teamable allows HR teams to cultivate and execute searches from their existing employee’s networks.  Teamable operates on the idea that a top qualified candidate is more likely to listen to someone they trust than an ad or job board, thus getting you closer to attainable quality talent.



ELMO logo

Elmo is a talent assessment tool to watch for as its a fast-rising HR tech company providing innovative cloud HR and payroll technologies. With a single dashboard and reporting suite, you can manage hiring and recruitment in one streamlined place.


The recruitment assessment tools listed so far are simply some of the new or exceptional talent assessment tools available on the market today. Talent assessments tools are crucial to any organization’s hiring and onboarding processes, especially today when companies are turning towards a more holistic approach to hiring by considering not only employee qualifications but also how candidates align with company culture and core values.

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