Best 10 Employee Referral Software Solutions 2020

Best 10 Employee Referral Software Solutions

What if all candidates recruited by a company took less time to hire, remained in the company for longer, were highly productive, and were overall happier at work?  What if we were to say there is a recruitment process found to increase the likelihood of all the above qualities? We’ll introduce you to some great employee referral programs. 


10 Best Employee Referral Software Solutions of 2020


Jobvite logo


What is unique about Jobvite? The fact that it allows employees to connect with their own social network through social media.  Instead of encouraging employees to spend hours on job boards, Jobvite offers a feature allowing employees to send private invitations to their personal connections through social media and tracks the company’s best referrers and employment leads.


Interviechacha.com logo


Easy to use, specific to each individual, and completely free, Interviechacha.com is an employee referral software program that posts job openings and allows job seekers to connect directly with current employees to ask for a referral.  This platform is a place for employees to expand their personal network, while still specifying their exact needs, and find suitable candidates they can then refer to their company.



RolePoint logo


RolePoint was built on the idea that the key to finding successful employees is using the best employee referral software program.  Therefore, RolePoint built a system that can suitably pair current employee’s contacts with open positions, using data science and algorithms to recruit the highest talent with the correct positions.



Zalp logo

Designed with user ease in mind, Zalp is a one-stop location featuring everything needed in a social media employee referral software solution.  Implementing seven different ways of sharing job postings, Zalp allows current employees to reach all their contacts through different forums. Zalp then analyzes the referral process to track progress, see live time status reports of referrals, and encourage employees to find candidates through a leaderboard.



Zao logo


Zao expands the recruitment search beyond current employees.  This social employee referral software program encourages alumni of the company, friends of current employees, or anyone that sees the job posting to join in on the referral fun!  This can build a network of referrers and the best part? Everyone in the network gets rewarded if their candidate is hired.


Real Links

Real Links logo


There is nothing wrong with some good, healthy competition, right? Real Links certainly agrees, which is why they created a competitive edge to their employee referral software solution.  With an easy-to-use, clearly visible platform, Real Links makes job referrals easy. In order to ensure more motivation from the current employees, Real Links displays a leaderboard and details the prizes that have been won for successful referrals.



EmployeeReferrals.com logo


This employee referral software program wins the prize for easiest to use.  Employees can refer candidates in under two minutes and don’t need to sign up or login to the system.  Many employees may feel they do not have the time to refer candidates, and EmployeeReferrals.com solves this issue by making referrals simple and quick, while still be effective.



Jobalaya logo


Jobalaya has built employee referral software that brings together all the key components of the hiring process.  Introducing job seekers, referrers, and hiring companies, Jobalaya is a platform that streamlines the hiring process, making it stress-free, time efficient, and motivating current employees to engage in the referral process.



Perks logo

The name says it all. Every employee wants perks, and what better way to encourage referrals than by offering employees fantastic rewards? Perks assists companies in building successful employee referral programs by offering necessary referral tools for employees, providing the perks, and organizing the reward distribution to the employees.



Reffind logo


A user-friendly platform, Reffind allows employees to go through open positions in the company and decide if they will be able to refer a suitable candidate.  Once they’ve chosen the open positions, Reffind allows employees to send the job vacancy to any candidate they deem suitable. It’s really that simple.


For successful referral programs, strong employee referral software is necessary. We’ve covered the 10 best employee referral software systems, each one offering a unique way to increase the referrals.  The best employee referral software platform for your business or organization is out there and can make a world of difference and save you valuable resources. So, pick the one most suited for your company, and watch the referrals pour in!