Tips on how to attract the best tech talent

Tips on how to attract the best tech talent

A 2018 research from Korn Ferry Institute reveals that the global economy is experiencing a massive talent shortage, which could reach over 85 million people. In the US, this shortage is expected to be at its worst, costing the country $435.7 billion in lost revenue by 2030. This deficiency is especially noticeable in the tech field, where there is already a high demand for qualified employees, but not enough of them to fill all of the positions. In fact, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, by 2020 there will be 1.4 million more software developer roles than candidates who can fill them.

These statistics can sound alarming if you’re a part of an organization that is in the process of recruiting tech talent. When every candidate has several companies fighting over them, how can you make sure you attract the best tech talent and have them choose you over the competition? The first thing to keep in mind is that tech talent recruiting may need a separate strategy than your regular process. It is not just a matter of relying on a high salary and extended benefits package — there needs to be something more to convince these highly-skilled employees. 

Recruiters for tech companies may also come in handy, as they can rely on their network and discreetly approach passive candidates on your behalf. They can help you build a solid recruiting process that ensures your company comes across as professional and means business. A top-notch candidate will not waste time on a company that loses touch for 4 weeks after the first email or keeps rescheduling interviews, for example. Additional tips for recruiting tech talent relate to the way you present your company, the role and modify the process.


How to recruit top tech talent – best practices


Think globally, not locally

As highly-qualified tech talent is hard to come by, it makes no sense to limit yourself to one city or state when looking for candidates. The majority of tech work is done on a computer anyway, so there’s no reason that work couldn’t be done outside of the office — or even in a different country. By hiring a remote team, you are not only increasing your talent pool, but you can also potentially hire with lower salaries. Additionally, eliminating the daily commute from the employee’s routine has shown to increase workplace satisfaction and productivity. Some workers may also find it easier to meet deadlines if they set their own hours, and think of remote work as a great benefit — which will set you apart from the competition.


Invest in the latest technology

If you’re asking yourself how to hire tech talent, the answer may start with your own tech. It doesn’t matter if your organization is strictly a tech company, or just looking to fill tech vacancies — if your own equipment and software are not up to date, it reflects badly on the role. Every tech candidate knows that old equipment will impair their productivity and ability to perform to the best of their ability. 

Moreover, this talent usually sees having the latest developments in technology as a perk of the trade. While they may not be able to afford the newest gadgets at home, they expect to have them in the workplace, to learn and experiment with, and even brag about it to their friends in other companies. Having the newest technology will also show you’re willing to invest in your employees’ training and development. You can demonstrate how you keep up with technology during the process of recruiting tech talent by using tools like video interviewing, gamification and making sure the application process is seamless and mobile-friendly.


Provide a non-conventional career path

When looking to attract the best tech talent, you may want to examine the reasons these employees choose to leave their workplace as well. Often, high-level tech talent gets bored staying in the same role for too long, and they leave simply because they’re chasing the next exciting project. If instead of the traditional career trajectory, you can offer them a way to advance to different roles within your organization, learn new skills (using LMS, for example) and keep them interested, they will be more likely to choose your organization, while you will also be retaining them for longer.


Make your company known

A big part of working in the tech field is having bragging rights — employees want to be able to tell their friends they’re working for the coolest company in the market. One of the best tips for recruiting tech talent is, therefore, to make sure you have a solid employer branding strategy. This includes, but is not limited to, a strong online presence with social media accounts and an up-to-date website that includes the latest industry news and interviews. 

You should also make sure that your employees, past and present, speak highly of you, and that you create the best candidate experience that shows your company in the best light. Having your name in the press in relation to new advances and employee benefits also couldn’t hurt. Finally, try to attend industry events, host lectures, sponsor conferences — anything to get your company name out there and in front of top tech talent.