Top 10 Learning Management Systems (LMS) for 2020

Top 10 Learning Management Systems (LMS) for 2019

A big part of any Human Resources department is making sure the company’s employees feel satisfied and accomplished within their roles. A number of studies show that GenZ employees may change as many as 10 jobs from ages 18 to 34. However, there are several ways for you to hold on to your top talent for longer. You can offer better benefits than your competitors, and use engagement tools to identify points for improvement within your company. 

Another great way to increase employee satisfaction and retention rates is by offering development opportunities. With the help of the best LMS tools, you can provide your team with a variety of courses — both related to their role and for personal growth — that are much easier to complete. A learning management system (LMS) for HR training will allow you to offer multiple courses without worrying about schedules, booking lecturers and filling seats.

These development programs offered through a list of LMS systems are not just good for your employees either. They can improve your bottom line, by upskilling your staff for new market trends and customer requirements. We’ve gone ahead and compiled a list of the best learning management systems for HR, so you won’t have to sift through the dozens of options out there.


The best learning management systems 2020


1. TalentLMS


Even those who are not tech-savvy can use this user-friendly LMS. TalentLMS earns a spot on the best learning management systems 2020 for its easy to navigate course and modules management. It is also accessible from virtually any device, and to top it off, has some gamification features to create an enjoyable learning experience.


2. Cloudshare Virtual Training Labs


The next solution on our list of LMS systems lets you create a personal environment for every employee, ensuring they will be provided with the development they need the most. You can customize a course and save it as a template for future use, or pick from ready-made courses. With multiple languages on offer, you can also use this LMS if you have a global team.


3. Coassemble


Coassemble is an all-in-one solution and can certainly be considered one of the best LMS tools out there. Within one platform, you’ll be able to write and create courses, assess performance and even generate reports evaluating your training strategies. If that’s not enough, this tool includes the option of brand customization and automated grading.


4. SAP Litmos

SAP Litmos

Like TalentLMS, SAP Litmos also offers gamification to make learning more fun. This learning management system (LMS) for HR training is one of the most used solutions out there, with customers in 130 countries, using it in over 24 languages. Its platform is intuitive, not to mention customizable, which can match every employee’s learning pace and style.


5. Lessonly


This is one of the more specialized solutions on our list of LMS systems, with a focus on customer service and sales departments. Lessonly lets your team practice real-life situations, such as customer interactions, presenting pitches, composing emails and ticket handling. You can test their skills, provide actionable feedback and improve your company’s overall performance over time.


6. eFront


Instead of wracking your brain, trying to figure out what courses you should offer your staff, you can use eFront to reveal what knowledge is lacking. With its skills-gap testing, you can customize courses to fit your company’s exact needs. It’s mobile-friendly, allows for creating groups and, of course, gamification.


7. AdaptiveU


Sometimes it’s best to keep things simple if you want to encourage as much engagement as possible. AdaptiveU made it to our list of best learning management systems 2019 for its easy-to-use training portal, which will feature your logo, company images, and a custom URL. It lets you create “Challenges” for your employees to participate in, and when they finish, they can also rate and review them. Simple, yet effective.


8. LearnUpon


This LMS can be set up quickly and easily, with a responsive interface that can be used across all devices. This is probably why LearnUpon is the system of choice for over 800 customers around the world. If you’re using Salesforce in your organization, you’re in luck, because this LMS offers full integration, along with multiple teaching options, from live lectures to PowerPoint presentations.


9. Moodle


This open-source LMS is a favorite for many academic institutions for being free, accessible globally and providing plenty of customizing options. However, it is not limited to academia, and many businesses, of all sizes, opt to join its large community of users. With active forums and detailed user guides, it’s easy and simple to create courses for your employees at absolutely no cost.


10. Blackboard


With Blackboard, your employees will be able to complete their training from anywhere, and at any time they’d like, thanks to its web-conferencing and collaboration tools. The design for this LMS is scalable and intuitive, and it offers implementation consulting, as well as technology training, to ensure your company hits the ground running.