Banking Recruiters Connecticut

Banking Recruiters Connecticut

Banking Recruiters Connecticut

Connecticut has a labor force of more than 1.8 million people. Within this labor force is a pool of 82,000 people seeking employment in various sectors. The unemployment rate in this state is 4.4% which is slightly higher than the national average of 4.2%.

Connecticut’s Central Coast is headquarters to several regional banks which includes New Alliance Bank that is located in New Haven. Including other large banking institutions, this is an ideal place for recruiters looking to fill positions in the banking industry.

Available jobs in the banking sector

Connecticut banking recruiters play a major role in finding the right candidates to fill available positions in the banking industry. This ensures that these institutions are able to run smoothly and meet their goals. Some of the positions available include:

  • Finance manager
  • Finance advisors
  • Budget analysts
  • Finance analysts
  • Auditors
  • Accountants
  • Tellers among others

There are several steps recruiters follow to ensure that the right people fill positions in the banking industry. First, the candidates are selected based on their experience and qualifications. They are then taken through an extensive interview process, to determine which position they are best suited for. Information on their preferred career path is taken into consideration and the next step is placement in the ideal organization.

Average earnings

On average, a personal banker earns between $27, 192 and $45, 218 per year depending on the employer, the bonus and the commissions he is entitled to. A universal banker on the other hand can take home up to $36, 484. A teller can earn up to $29, 402 while a branch manager can make $83, 497 on average per year. The banking industry is therefore a well paying sector and there are chances of earning more if you have more skills and experience.

Recruitment events

Connecticut banking staffing services are available for any organization that is looking to find qualified staff for their organizational growth. By choosing to use a search firm, the organization cuts down the costs and time required to fill positions in the banking industry.

Some recruitment events to look out for include the Get Hired Career fair that is held at the Hartford Marriot Downtown. This fair specifically targets financial and insurance professionals, starting with those who are completing college. There are also numerous recruitment events and seminars organized by the Connecticut Bankers Association. Large banks including Webster Bank, People’s Bank and New Alliance Bank often take part in these events so that they can find excellent staff to fill their available positions.

Connecticut banking headhunters have a major role to play to ensure that the banking industry is only hiring people with commendable skills and experience as this is what will aid growth in the sector. That is why there is need to find a search firm that is trustworthy and highly reliable so as to ensure that people with the best skills are getting good jobs and that companies are getting the best people to help them meet their potential.

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