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Biosciences Recruiters Minnesota

The state of Minnesota is also known as the Land of 10,000 Lakes, owing to the large number of lakes in the state. This is a state that has an excellent standard of living, believed to be amongst the highest in the Unites States. As a wealthy state, there are plenty of opportunities for employment, especially in the complex and specialized promotions, such as biosciences. The unemployment rate is currently at 4.0%, close to the national average of 4.2%. There are 120,400 people who are unemployed. Biosciences graduates are able to work in various sectors of economy, both those related to sciences and those that are not.

Main players in the sector

The agriculture sector is a major part of the state’s economy and the main employer for graduates in this field. Minnesota biosciences headhunters often seek to fill positions within this industry, although they will also look into pharmaceuticals, educational research and the government for these positions as well. The state is currently the major producer of sweet corn, sugar beets and green peas as well as farm raised turkeys. The presence of Mayo Clinic in the state has helped a lot as this is the top employer of biosciences graduates. The state has even received a ranking in employing the most bioscience graduates in the country by 2010. University of Minnesota College of veterinary medicine is also a major player in this sector.


Expected Pay

The expected salary for biosciences graduates is mainly dependent on their job title and the company they are working for. A soil or plant scientist for instance earns an average salary of about $63, 200 per year. A microbiologist on the other hand earns about $67, 550 per year. If you decide to become a lecturer in biochemistry, you can earn up to $137, 075. Minnesota biosciences recruiters have a wide selection of options, and can specialized in certain areas to elevate their potential earnings.


Recruitment Processes and Events

Biosciences headhunting in Minnesota is best done by professional recruiters, who use their skills and professionalism to connect qualified candidates with the employing companies. They consider the needs of the employer and then match these needs with the qualifications of job seekers to identify the right candidate for the job.  For this to be done successfully, the best recruiters are able to track professionals within the industry, as well as source fresh graduates to fill starter positions.

There are industry specific job and career fairs that recruiters focus on to fill positions within this industry. One of the most popular in the state include the BioSpace Career Events that are held several times a year, to help employers seek bioscience professionals. Recruiters attend to note the available positions, and connect quality employees with potential employers.

Biosciences recruiting in Minnesota is significant as it helps qualified individuals know of existing vacancies. Furthermore, search firms are able to source qualified personnel to fill these positions, saving them time conducting extensive searches for the right candidates.

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