Connecticut Legal Head Hunters

Where many people are living together, law must prevail. The population of Connecticut stands at over 3 million people, and legal recruiters consistently need to fill more positions. These positions require qualified staff who are able to keep information confidential, as well as work effectively and efficiently.

Jobs available in this sector

Connecticut legal recruiters have a detailed understanding of the sector and the positions that are available within it. That is what it is best to use a recruiter, as they will understand what qualification is best suited for the position that you need to fill. Some of the positions which are available in the legal sector include: 

  • Attorney
  • In-house corporate attorney
  • Executive assistant (legal)
  • Litigation associate
  • Senior counsel
  • Chief legal officer
  • Employment attorney
  • Patent attorney
  • Corporate counsel
  • Associate general counsel among others

Major players in the industry

There are so many law firms in Connecticut at the moment. There are large and small firms which require qualified legal staff. These have been formed by different lawyers with an aim to practice law, advising their clients. These firms cater to the needs of individuals or corporations, as well as representing their clients in civil and criminal cases, business transactions and in other areas where legal advice and assistance is needed. Therefore, legal recruiters have a wide scope of possible positions for staff to choose from.

Some of the major law firms that recruit legal professionals include Carmody & Torrance LLP in Connecticut, Cummins & Lockwood, Day Pitney, and McElroy Deutsch Mulvaney & Carpenter.


Expected salary

For a long time, it was assumed that Connecticut Legal head hunters seek to fill positions for lawyers only. However, this is one sector that has opportunity for a host of other positions, for individuals who are looking to establish careers within the law. Legal headhunters in Connecticut have to consider a qualification first before they connect an individual a company that is hiring. A corporate lawyer can earn up to $100,000 per year while a criminal lawyer can make an average of about $115,000 a year. Real estate lawyers on the other hand can make up to $90, 125 on average per year. Legal secretaries are able to earn an average of $46,000 per year.


Recruitment events in the industry

Connecticut legal recruiting firms are mandated with the responsibility of getting the right people to fill in different positions available in the legal sector. To help them achieve this, there are career fairs that are organized every year. These bring together job seekers and potential employers, and are the right places to find the excellent positions.

The University of Connecticut School of Law holds various recruitment events each year through the Career Planning Centre. These help the students develop networks as well as find placement following graduation.

The legal sector is amongst the best paying sectors in Connecticut. An excellent search firm will ensure a seamless match between a legal professional and a job within this profession. Connecticut headhunters should be sought for companies looking to offer career paths, rather than just offering jobs.

If your firm or organization are looking for the right new talent, simply use the free search tool provided by Recruiters LineUp to be connected with the right headhunters specializing in the legal profession.