Denver Transportation Recruitment

Denver Transportation Recruitment

Denver is the largest municipality in Colorado, with a population exceeding 5 million people. This is a challenging city for recruiters as the unemployment rate is lower than the national average, currently at 2.6%. However, it does offer an opportunity to find the right people for the positions that are available in the city. One of the sectors that consistently needs staff is the transportation industry. Transportation includes positions in airports, the regional transportation district buses, coaches, trains, car hire, mapping and more.


Employment in Transportation in Denver

The largest employment sector in Denver is the trade, transportation and utilities sector which employed in excess of 271,400 people. These people fill in a range of positions including transportation managers, road supervisors, terminal operators, logistics distributors and more. If you are seeking for a high paying job in transportation, jobs in logistics and management are excellent as you can receive payment in excess of $150,000 annually. If you have technical skills, then look for a job in engineering within the transportation industry and you can also earn $60,000 or more a year. For example, mechanical engineers can earn $67,695 on an annual basis. Transportation headhunters in Denver understand this sector and all the options that are available, and are able to inform job seekers of all the opportunities that are available.

Transportation recruiters Colorado seek to fill in positions in key transportation companies. Excellent employers within this sector include MV Transportation, Inc. Transdev, First Transit. XPO Logistics, Avis Budget Group, Inc. and more. Transportation Recruiting in Denver requires a detailed database of potential employees within the industry. The turnover for jobs in this sector is relatively high, and therefore, recruiters need to know where the best employees are located. The database of the best recruiters should include listings of potential employees and their possible positions, as well as the career paths that they are seeking to follow. This ensures that when a position is filled, it is within that career path which helps guarantee retention in the long run.


Recruitment Events

To get a job within this industry, Denver Transportation Recruiters have some criteria that needs to be met. Nonetheless, there are such a range of jobs and levels available, that even people with no qualifications can find a position to start in. It is possible to get a job and training, and create a career path that guarantees success in the future.

For this to happen, one should attend one of the recruitment events taking place in the city. These include the Denver Career Fair that is held at Crowne Plaza Denver. This career fair takes place once every two months and has been highly successful in helping recruiters find excellent placement for both companies looking to recruit and those looking for positions.

This industry is vast, and without the services of a professional search firm that understands the motivation of employees, one may spend money and lose time on the wrong people. For the best manpower solutions, it is best to go with an excellent recruiting firm.

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