Executive Search Firm for Sales Positions in Dallas

Some of the positions that have the most demand are those in sales. Almost every industry will need to recruit people who hold positions in sales, so that they are able to seamlessly sell their products. The challenge comes in finding the right sales people, as these jobs require someone who has a natural flair for closing a great deal. With Dallas Sales Recruiters, you are in an excellent person to find someone who is highly qualified, and who shall elevate your bottom line.

There are a range of positions which can be filled by a headhunter and they include:

  • Sales Managers
  • Sales Professionals
  • Telesales Experts
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Sales Consultants
  • Brand Ambassadors
  • Sales Directors and more.


Expected Earnings

Experienced professionals holding positions in sales can earn a considerable amount, especially if they have the right experience. Chief Sales Officers earn an average of $90,000 a year, while a sales representative can earn $60,000 per year before commission. Area Sales Managers can earn up to $70,000 while sales directors can earn in excess of $100,000, especially if they are specialists. Almost all sales jobs offer commissions as well and sales recruiters in Dallas will ensure that they choose the right people to fill positions. These will be people who draw their motivation from the commissions rather than their salaries. This will often result in them being able to make higher sales with ease.


Flexible Jobs

Often, recruiters that seek Dallas Sales Staffing are headhunting for employees who are flexible and able to work all sorts of hours. There are companies that offer these positions, and often, they will also provide better remuneration. These companies include:

  • Paladin Consulting – A technology consulting company.
  • Freeman Leonard – A marketing service firm that facilitates connections with consulting professionals.
  • Comerica Bank – Provides financial services to individuals, SMEs and commercial clientele.
  • Southwest Airlines – Low price airline tickets



When Dallas Sales Headhunters are looking for people to fill in positions within firms, they do not focus on the academic qualifications. As much as these may have their importance, sales people are required to meet different criteria, especially when it comes to their experience. Furthermore, they need to be self-motivated individuals who are willing and able to meet targets.

Sales is a high pressure job, so recruiters seek to identify those who are able to handle all types of pressure. They need to be skilled at communication, particularly social media and email as well as prepare reports.


Recruiting Events in Dallas

There are numerous recruiting events taking place in Dallas all through the year. Those interested in finding sales people, searching for sales jobs and recruitment should attend the following: –

The Downtown Dallas Career Fair by Tech Wildcatters that is being held on North Ervay Street.

Dallas Premiere Career Fair and Job Fair by Diversity Career Group Career Fairs on W Mockingbird Ln.

With an expert executive search firm, you will ensure that you hit the ground running with the right sales team. Consult with us and benefit from solutions that are efficient and in line with the needs of your company.