Government Recruiters Pittsburgh

Government Recruiters

Government Recruiters Pittsburgh

Working for the government in the city of Pittsburgh can be very exciting mainly because of the great benefits the employees enjoy. The government is a major employer, with a workforce of 118,000 people. With the help of Pittsburgh government recruiters, the government is able to attract, engage and also retain quality employees through offering of a quality package. With an unemployment rate of 4.9%, this city is doing better than the country average at 5.2%. There is still plenty to be done to elevate employment in Pittsburgh and recruiters are essential to ensure that the unemployment gap is reduced.

Key Government Employers

The main players in this sector are the different departments one can be deployed to work in depending on their education qualification. The Pittsburgh City Law Department hires qualified law graduates. The Bureau of Police for the City of Pittsburgh is the department for those people who want to work as sheriffs or policemen. There is the City of Pittsburgh Forestry Department as well department of city planning, all of which offer various positions depending on individual qualification. Most individuals working in the Pittsburg Government can expect to earn an average of $1200 each week. This number gradually and consistently increases from year to year.

Positions That Need to be Filled

The government of Pittsburgh is a brilliant employer, as there are so many different vocations and positions that can be filled. This is made even better by the fact that people of all qualifications are able to find positions that they can take up. Recruiters are able to ensure placement in some of these positions including: –

  • Account clerks
  • Managers
  • Nurses
  • Bricklayers
  • Doctors
  • Engineers
  • Educators
  • Electrical inspectors
  • City clerk
  • City planners

Pittsburgh government recruiters work hand in hand with the government in search of qualified individuals to take up open positions in its various departments.

General Compensation

Government employees in Pittsburgh enjoy an average hourly wage of $22.24. Employees in the education department earn an average hourly wage of about $26.32. Those that work in the computer and mathematical department earn slightly above that, enjoying an average hourly wages of about $35.35. If you decide to work in the protective service, you can expect an average hourly pay of about $18.50. Sales related jobs with the government attract a pay of about $18.68.

Recruitment processes and events

Pittsburg government recruiting is necessary to fill in the positions that are advertised. Recruiters will consider the requirements for particular positions in searching and referring qualified individuals to apply for those positions.

Pittsburgh career fairs, which are held every year in Marriott City Centre, help in connecting various government departments directly with recruiters and job seekers. Headhunters take time to understand the requirements of each department, so that they can refer qualified and motivated individuals to take up available positions.

Pittsburgh government headhunters have been of considerable help to the government attract qualified staff who would otherwise be working in the private sector. Progressive government departments always seek the services of a professional search firm.