Information Technology Becoming a Complicated Field Best Navigated by Recruiters

With such competition comes daunting challenges that companies face when finding technology talent. According to an article published on McKinsey & Company (2), “even with unemployment hovering close to 10% in many countries, a remarkable number of CIOs and CTOs we know are having a hard time finding and retaining the talent necessary not only to extract value from investments in such areas as big data and enterprise mobility, but also to undertake everyday IT operations with the required quality, security and efficiency. These executives are also struggling to get the most out of their existing talent.”


According to TechRepublic’s article “10 IT job roles that are hard to fill,” they have listed an “IT trainer,” as the hardest role to fill. This role requires a unique skill-set, along with a frequent need to travel, with a median National salary of only $53,535 (5). It is also listed in the article that Project Managers earn a median national Salary of $84,078, as those who serve this role are responsible for oversight and document all aspects of any and all specific projects to which they are working on. With a median national salary of $149,978 (5), leadership roles in the Tech world require a skill set that is not typically learned from lower level IT jobs, but rather, through prior leadership roles. According to the website, “companies are forced to hire good leaders with weak (or nonexistent) technical knowledge or to hope that a technical person can learn the leadership and business skills required to be a success.” Finding the perfect package is often impossible without targeted recruiting efforts found at major recruiting firms.


One of the easiest jobs to fill, not just in the IT field but in the entire United States, according to Hrmorning.com (6), are Computer Software Engineers, listed as the 5th easiest job to fill. According to the site, this can be blamed on the move to offshore programming. “The field saw a 10% decline. But if you’re a hiring manager, don’t expect the glut in these types of job-seekers to last too long. Typically, when the economy picks up, employers tend to play catch-up with hiring IT people, and there could be a shortage before you know it.”


To prevent problems like those caused by shortages, and to ensure that a proper fit is found for the job the first time, an experienced recruiting firm is a necessity. An experienced head hunter can find the most talented IT leaders, using the valuable time normally used for training on important business advancements.


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