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Los Angeles Financial Services Recruiters

Los Angeles is the most populous city in California State and the second most populous city in the United States, with a total population of 3, 971, 883 people. Financial service providers are in high demand, as so many people are striving to attain upper class status. The finance industry is one of the most significant industries in this city and the best financial services recruiters in Los Angeles ensure that they are referring the most qualified individuals to serve in the sector. There are currently 220,500 people working in financial activities, and there is marginal growth within the sector.


Main Players

There are many financial service companies that are headquartered in California and these are the main players in this sector. These include Acorns, Mayfield Fund, Balboa Capital Corporation, Rescue One Financial, WeFinance among others. First American is a company that employs more than 11,240 people, and also has officers around the entire country.


Jobs Available 

The finance sector is rich with opportunity and a large number of jobs that are highly interesting. Recruiters are able to find jobs in leading companies for qualified staff. Here are some of the jobs that are available:

  • Financial analysts
  • Corporate finance officers
  • Bank tellers
  • Finance managers
  • Commercial bankers
  • Bank branch managers
  • Public accountants
  • Loan officers among others 

Expected salary

In the finance sector, jobs are sensitive and need employees who are highly professional. For this reason, they need to hold college qualifications, and also it is recommended that they have no criminal backgrounds. The average salary of a bank manager is $61, 209 while accountants earn about $73, 040 on average per year. Bank tellers can earn up to $23, 200 on average per year.


Recruitment processes and events

Financial services headhunters in Los Angeles find staff who are able to manage confidential information, as well as make good use of time and resources. These are the type of staff that pay attention to detail and make sure companies meet their results.

Events such as job fairs in California are organized every year in Hilton Hotel so as to help recruiters bring job seekers and employers in the industry together. It is in such events that qualified job seekers are able to interact directly with top employers in the industry in order to learn some of the important requirements to get a good job in the industry. Job seekers are also given a chance to attend interviews for some of the open vacancies in various companies, which can land them a job on the spot. To help large companies save time and money, search firms determine their requirements, and with these in mind, do all the vetting that is needed for the new staff to get on board.

Financial services recruiting in Los Angeles is a very important process, which ensures that employing companies are getting the best service providers as qualified job seekers get good jobs in the finance sector.

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