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Madison Education Recruiters

Madison’s education sector is the second best in the nation, with most of its schools falling under The Madison Metropolitan School District. There are quite a good number of private schools as well, which are the main players in the education sector. This is one of the sectors that is constantly growing from one month to the next. Madison education recruiters have a huge mandate to see to it that open positions in this sector are filled quickly by the best qualified job seekers within the city. This challenge is amplified by the low unemployment rate of 3.3% that minimizes the pool of job seekers to choose from.

Main players in the sector

The University of Wisconsin-Madison and Madison Metropolitan School District are main employers in the sector. There are 46 schools in the school district, hiring instructors and other employees in various departments in all the schools. These include James Madison Memorial, Madison East, Malcolm Shabazz City High School among others. The private schools include Abundant Life Christian School and St. Ambrose Academy. The best education recruiters in Madison are able to source top employers in the sector.

Available jobs in this sector

There are different types of jobs in the education sector, and the job one applies for depends on their education qualification. There is also diversity as these jobs cover people of all educational levels as well. Some of the jobs one should look out for in this sector include:

  • Coaches
  • Academic advisors
  • Admissions assistants
  • Educators
  • Deans
  • Assistant dean
  • Principles
  • Instructors
  • Registrars
  • Child care assistants
  • School directors among others

Expected salary

The salaries paid in Madison’s education sector depend on one’s job title and their education qualification. Principles for instance, will earn more than child care assistants. School principals earn $98, 416 per year on average. High school teachers in the private sector earn between $45, 229 and $67, 050 while those in the public sector earn between $46, 525 and $61, 532 without including benefits and bonuses. Kindergarten teachers on the other hand can earn up to $50, 150 on average per year.

Recruitment events and processes

Education recruiting in Madison is necessary to ensure that the right candidates are given positions suited to them. This is an area that is sensitive, as the person employed can have a significant effect on the future of other employees in the state and economic development. To ensure that the right people are selected, the recruitment process includes detailed interviews to evaluate qualifications as well as experience.

Recruitment in this sector also takes place in job fairs that are organized every year in Alliant Energy Center. Job seekers who attend such fairs are able to directly interact with recruiters as well as employers as they learn about various requirements and job openings in the sector.

Education recruitment in Madison is the best way for institutions to find job seekers. Recruiters consider the needs of companies in referring candidates to apply for the open positions for their long term success. Simply use the search option on this page to search for recruiters, headhunters, and staffing agencies by industry, niche, or location!