Montgomery Civil Engineering Recruiters

Montgomery in Alabama is a city that is going through transition. There is relatively minimal growth in the mining, logging and construction sectors. The people that work within these sectors need to be highly specialized to ensure that they adhere to stringent standards that are set by the industries. For that reason, you will find that technical jobs are the ones available. The construction sector is where you will find a large number of civil engineers. Civil Engineering recruiters Alabama are tasked with finding the right people for the jobs available.

Civil Engineering jobs are in high demand, as there are a limited number of those qualified to fill these positions. Montgomery Civil Engineering Recruiters face a challenging task, and that is finding the right people to fill in these positions when necessary. A person with a civil engineering degree can cater to a range of positions including the following:

  • Airport engineers
  • Asphalt engineers
  • Building and bridge engineers
  • Concrete engineers
  • Construction engineers
  • District engineers
  • Environmental engineers
  • Foundation engineers

Leading employers in engineering include Robbins Gioia LLC, IAP Worldwide Services, Inc., Sylvian Analytics, Inc., Trillium Construction Services and more. These employers span a range of sectors and offer specialized civil engineering jobs.

The average wage for a civil engineer in Alabama is $62,000. When working in the developing Montgomery, the average wage is $57,000.


Recruitment Events

Civil Engineering Recruiting in Montgomery requires a specialized process, and for that reason the best place for recruitment is the Alabama Construction Recruitment Institute. This place is located on Union Street. Other recruiting events include the Montgomery Hiring Fair and Networking Reception organized by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation.


The Future for Civil Engineering

Montgomery Civil Engineering Head hunters can explore growing opportunities in the future. Even though the growth in construction is small, indicators reveal that there is positive growth expected. The local economy is also developing, which means that better wages and working conditions shall be available for civil engineers seeking employment. This should help attract more skilled labor, so that only the best people fill in available positions within the industry.


Civil Engineering Headhunting in Montgomery is key for a company seeking qualified staff. This is because there are minimal qualified civil engineers available in the market. To ensure that you do not pick the available ones, and rather, choose to work with qualified and professional civil engineers, you should use a search firm. From their detailed database, you will find someone with the right qualification, experience and skills to get the job done right.

A search firm will recommend civil engineers who have gone through a screening process and been interviewed. When necessary, they can be directly recruited and positioned in the chosen company. This will ensure that they understand the expectations of the company, and that their overall capabilities are clarified. With the right search firm, you can count on getting engineers that are proactive, hardworking, motivated and talented.