Newark Medical Recruiters

Newark Medical Recruiters

Like almost every state across the country, the state of New Jersey has a large number of jobs in the medical industry. Furthermore, the people who work within this industry are amongst the best paid in the whole country. There are many people living in Newark who qualify for jobs in the medical industry due to their level of education. More than 40% of the people have achieved a college education and an additional 16.6% have graduate degrees. Annual job growth is projected to grow by at least 1.3% in this year. This is excellent news for Newark Medical Recruiters, as there are enough positions to be filled, and a good number of qualified staff to fill these spaces.

There are a wide range of positions available, and these include: –

  • Pharmacists
  • Therapists
  • Registered Nurses
  • Physicians
  • Surgeons
  • Medical assistants and more

Excellent employment opportunities

Some of the largest employers in Newark can be found in the medical industry, and include Barnabas Health that employs more than 18,000. Meridian Health in Newark employs more than 11,000 people, as does the Robert Wood Johnson Health Network.

Salaries in the medical profession are quite competitive, and are sure to rise due to the demand for the positions available. For example, on average, a registered nurse will take home a salary of $67,257 annually. The best medical recruiters in Newark are able to negotiate for salaries that are above the average. This is not just for the benefit of the employee but for the benefit of the employer as well. This is because they have a detailed database of highly motivated individuals who are geared towards making positive changes in any organization that they work in.

Recruiting Events to Watch For

Medical headhunters in Newark can be found in a variety of job fairs that are held throughout the city. One of these is the 3rd Annual Job and Career Fair that is held on Main street. This event brings more than 40 employers together in one place, and it is possible to fill in a position on the spot if fully qualified.

The Newark Job Fair which is organized by Coast to Coast also is focused on filling as many positions as possible immediately. Those seeking positions are able to upload their CVs beforehand, gaining access to headhunters as well as employers who are looking to fill in positions. The best benefit of this job fair is that the attendance is free.

When it comes to Medical Recruiting in Newark, you should select a search firm as these can be of great value. The medical industry is specific, and jobs need to be filled with people who have the right qualifications. This ensures that those working in the industry can focus on what they need to the most, and that is saving lives. The right search firm from Newark will have all the tools to reach the right people to improve services for the select employer tremendously.

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