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Jersey City Engineering Headhunters


The practice of engineering combines a number of applications and studies from mathematics to science and economics to help invent, design and build most every corner of society. Within the engineering industry are a number of specialties from mechanical and chemical engineering to many others which have developed over many centuries dating back to the late 1300s.

While the term focuses on the historical word engineer and the construction of military engines, this has solidly lasted all the way into the contemporary age with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. And then modern era of engineering grew further with inventions across the 18th century in Europe from civil engineers and development of bridges, canals and other advancements to modern society.

Although it took centuries for the growth and recognition of the professional engineer, by mid-19th century these well-educated graduates were only at a quality of 50 and grew to over 6,000 in the U.S. before 1900. While academic research had grown throughout the 1800s, the profession broadened and was branching out upon entering the 20th century and the knowledge of these graduates entering society. A number of different motors and other developments added to the field of electronics, as well as a number of aeronautical, chemical, aerospace and other fields developed throughout the 20th century alongside overall developments throughout society all the way up to the development of the computer and the internet and continuous technological developments that are still being made today.


Find the Perfect Engineering Job

With some of the top engineering positions available right in Jersey City from an incredible group of Jersey City engineering recruiters, there is the ability to work the way up throughout the many developmental stages of an engineering career, no matter the specialty that has been chosen. From Applications Engineer to CAD Designer to Civil or Electrical Engineer and more, every employee in the Jersey City area has the ability to start with the Engineer I position out of school, with the assistance of a Jersey City recruiter, moving all the way up the line to Supervisor or Manager as fit throughout their career.


Engineering within the Leading Firms

While there are a number of strong and beneficial engineering firms throughout the country, from 3M to Chemtech to Emcor and many more, Jersey City recruiters are able to place local engineers into incredible position right here within the city. There are wonderful companies including Jacobs Engineering, URS Corporation and others who come to local recruiters looking for experienced engineers and well-educated engineering grads looking to start their career.


Average Salary Engineers – Upon Completing Specialty Degrees

With so many different engineering specialties available the calculation of the average engineer’s salary can vary greatly, while differing from IT Engineers to Civil or Mechanical or Electrical Engineers, and then Chemical Engineers. These are all part of the Engineering industry but their work may spread out into other companies. For instance, if a student graduates with a degree in chemical engineering a position at a pharmaceutical company may be the best option for lab research. There is a great deal more growth and development that has been made over the centuries since engineering initially began with the development of military engines.

There is much to be appreciated for all special engineers at all levels, with an average entry level salary at just under $60K, raising to about $66K as a junior engineer, then about $73K as an associate engineer and in excess of $110K upon promotion to senior engineer.


Jersey City Engineers at the Benefit of Recruiters

With a number of Jersey City engineering recruiting firms, there will be job fairs held throughout the year in Jersey City and local communities. While there are different conferences sponsored by websites such as Indeed.com, Careerbuilder.com and others, Jersey City engineering headhunters, recruiting firms and staffing agencies will be available to help find positions for qualified engineers of all levels.

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