Norfolk Cybersecurity Recruiters

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Norfolk Cybersecurity Recruiters

The Cybersecurity industry is growing at an impressive rate. This is as a result of the invention of codes as a way to access the internet from more than one type of device. Sometime back, people could enjoy the internet without worrying about security and cyber-attacks. However, so much has changed. Cybersecurity is essential for any internet property that is being produced, developed and commercialized.

Norfolk is a city that has diversified in various industries and the new technology has affected the way things are done in all these industries. There is need to protect companies against cyber-attacks. Norfolk Cybersecurity recruiters are tasked with ensuring qualified individuals find adequate placement to keep businesses safe from such attacks. With an unemployment rate of 5.2%, Norfolk has a large pool of people seeking jobs. This means that it is possible to meet the high demands for cyber security experts.

Types of Jobs in the Sector

Recruiters for Norfolk Cybersecurity seek people who have skills, educational experience and qualifications in Information Technology Security. Due to elevated demand for people with these qualifications, salaries are good, with a high possibility of a promotion. Here are some of the job titles for Cyber Security experts:

  • Security Software Developer
  • Cybersecurity Leader
  • Security Administrator
  • Cybersecurity Project Manager
  • Security Analyst
  • Pen Testers
  • Security Consultants
  • Cybersecurity Operations Technicians
  • Cybersecurity Engineer
  • Vulnerability Assessor

Expected Pay

Cybersecurity professionals are well compensated because of all that they do in order to keep a business safe. On average, the salary of professionals in this industry is about $116, 000, with those working on an hourly basis making as much as $55.77 per hour. In Norfolk, the salary for a beginner security analyst is about $54, 671 per year, without including allowances and benefits. The pay will definitely go up as those who have been hired gain experience and get promoted to a higher position.

Recruitment Events

Norfolk Cybersecurity headhunters are on the forefront of helping employers find qualified job seekers in the Cybersecurity industry. One way that they accomplish this is by participating in recruitment events. The Norfolk Career Fair takes place several times a year at the Double Tree by Hilton Norfolk Airport. At this event, recruiters can connect directly with employers, as well as ensure that job seekers are well aligned with companies that meet their expectations.

Recruitment Processes

To get the best individuals in cyber security, recruitment firms go through a process that focuses on their qualifications as well as their experience. This process also looks at what the professionals have accomplished and the career paths that they are hoping to explore. It is taking into consideration this level of detail that makes it possible to match cybersecurity professionals with companies that progress their careers.

Norfolk Cybersecurity recruiting has helped a lot of industries curb the Cybersecurity menace by recommending qualified individuals to work for their companies. Graduates in IT security have also been helped to get good jobs in good companies in industries of their choice.