Oklahoma Energy Recruiters

Oklahoma Energy Recruiters

The state of Oklahoma has diversified in a number of sectors among them the energy sector. It is one of the most important producers of natural gas, ranking 3rd in United States. The energy industry in Oklahoma employs the largest workforce of the state, with more than 190,000 people employed. Energy recruiters Oklahoma face a huge mandate to ensure positions in the sector are filled within the many energy companies within the state. In fact, it is expected that 31,000 jobs will be added to the sector in 2017, giving recruiters an excellent opportunity.


Major Players in the Sector

There are plenty of organizations offering energy related jobs in Oklahoma, including those dealing with clean energy, geothermal energy, wind energy, CNG, solar energy and so much more. Oil-related companies are the main employers in the state of Oklahoma, with employees earning about twice the state’s typical yearly income. Devon Energy Corporation that is based in Oklahoma City is among the top employers in this industry. Other companies to look out for include Chesapeake Energy Corporation and SandRidge Energy Corporation. In addition to these, all the fortune 500 companies based in Oklahoma are all energy related. These are ONEOK based in Tulsa and Williams Companies. These are in fact the state’s largest and second largest companies respectively. Energy headhunters in Oklahoma works closely with these companies to connect them with qualified job seekers whenever there are open vacancies.


Available Jobs in the Sector

There are a wide range of energy careers available based on job seeker preference and qualification. Some of the jobs available within this sector include:

  • Account Managers
  • Advisors For Management And Energy
  • Sales People
  • Architects
  • Facilities Engineers
  • Automated Controls Technicians
  • Application Engineers And Technicians
  • Building Control Specialists
  • Consultants
  • Energy Education Specialists
  • Construction Managers
  • Conservation Engineers
  • Energy Engineers
  • Industrial Engineers 


Possible Earnings

Many are attracted to jobs within the energy sector due to their attract compensation packages. An energy engineer in Oklahoma can earn between $64,000 to $96,000 per year depending on his experience and employer. On average, an energy consultant can earn $63, 523 per year. Sales executives in the energy sector can expect a pay of between $85k to 135k depending on the employer and how aggressive they are when it comes to meeting their goals.


Recruitment Processes and Events

Oklahoma energy recruiters help a lot in connecting job seekers with open jobs in the energy sector. They work closely with employers in the sector in the search for qualified individuals who will take up the open positions in these companies.

Job fairs are also conducted every year in various towns of Oklahoma, including Tulsa and Oklahoma City as a way to bring together job seekers and employers in the sector. Oklahoma City Career Fairs are usually held at Waterford Mariott and Tulsa Career Fairs are held in Doubletree.

Energy recruiting in Oklahoma is a serious business for search firms seeking to fill positions in the energy sector. A great search firm fills positions available in excellent time, so that organizations are able to surpass their goals.