Pittsburgh Pharmaceutical Headhunters

Pittsburgh Pharmaceutical Headhunters

The biomedical and healthcare sectors are amongst the sectors that are doing very well in Pittsburgh. After the citywide shift from industrial to technology, former factories have been renovated to reflect modernization. Many jobs have been created as a result and some of the jobs that are in high demand in the city at the moment are those of pharmaceutical graduates. There are opportunities in manufacturing, research as well as in healthcare institutions for recruiters to service.

Pharmaceutical recruiting in Pittsburgh has helped a lot of qualified job seekers get good jobs in the industry in some of the best paying companies. With an unemployment rate of 4.6%, recruiters have a sizeable pool of people to choose from to ensure that much of the qualified workforce is deployed in major companies within the city.

Main Players in the Sector

The largest employer of pharmaceutical graduates in Pittsburgh City is the University of Pittsburgh Medical Centre, which takes in more than 48,000 employees in total. There are other hospitals, outpatient clinics and doctors’ offices, which take in another good number of pharmaceutical graduates. Other major employers within the city include Clinical Trials Research Services, Helomics (a personalized cancer treatment centre), Knopp Biosciences (a drug discovery and development center) and Novum Clinical Research.

Types of Jobs in Pharmaceuticals

Headhunters are able to find graduates in pharmaceuticals a wide range of jobs to choose from whenever they are applying for employment. Some of the positions that they seek to fill include: –

  • Manufacturers
  • Pharmaceutical Analysts
  • Clinical Pharmacists
  • Pharmaceutical Researchers
  • Pharmaceutical Sales and Marketers
  • Quality Control and Assurance Personnel

To ensure that qualified candidates get these positions, recruiters will typically seek individuals who have minimum education of a degree. These are listed in a detailed database so that positions can be filled in as and when they become available. Search firms also track the career advancement of standout individuals, so that specialists can find excellent placement.

Expected Compensation

Pharmaceutical graduates receive high earnings compared to many other professions. A pharmaceutical sales representative in the city can earn $82, 985 on average every year. Pharmaceutical analysts earn up to $53, 546 per year. Pharmaceutical researchers can earn an average pay of about $61, 843 per year. Pittsburgh pharmaceutical recruiters work closely with top employers in the sector to ensure that the right people take up these positions.

Recruitment Events

Pittsburgh career fairs, which are held annually in Marriott City Centre, are a great way for recruiters to connect job seekers to with employers in the sector. A qualified search firm will ensure adequate vetting of those seeking positions by conducting interview, reviewing resumes and assessing their additional skills. This is to ensure that both time and money are saved by the employers, making the recruitment process much more effective.

It takes a professional search firm to carry out Pittsburgh pharmaceutical staffing for leading companies. As a specialized field, it is imperative that firms find qualified individuals who are determined to advance the organization and help it meet its goals. To get matched with the right pharmaceutical recruiter, get in touch with us. Its simple and free!