Software Recruiters Newark

Software Recruiters Newark

Technology in Newark continues to grow from strength to strength, adding the need for recruiters to find software developers, network analysts and more. In fact, the population of Newark stands at 2,511,900, with the unemployment rate being 4.7%. This is excellent news for Software Recruiters Newark who are looking to fill in positions within IT firms the city. This appears to be the trend, as Newark continues to reveal impressive growth from one year to the next.

This industry continues to grow tremendously, and people with all levels of skill can get different jobs. A Newark Software Search Firm can find qualified people to fill the following positions: –

  • Computer engineer
  • System administrators
  • Technical support
  • Computer Network Technicians
  • Wireless network engineers and more.

Possible Earnings and Top Employers

High –Tech employment currently stands at approximately 3.3%. This provides for a wide variety of jobs in the industry, as well as numerous companies for one to find employment. Newark Software Recruiters can position people in key positions with large IT firms, such as Verizon which employs more than 15,800 people. With the aid of a software search firm in Newark, it is possible to find positions in the IT industry where earnings exceed $89,000 each year. These positions include web app developers and penetration testers.

There are positions that guarantee even higher earnings, and these are often pegged to level of education and skill. With a degree or professional certificates, software engineers are able to earn an average of $107,844 each year. On the higher end, one in this position can earn $146,334.

The Best Job Recruiting Events in Newark

Newark Software Search Firms often find the best staff at job fairs that are held around the city all year round. These include the Lakewood BlueClaws job Fair that takes place at 2 Stadium Way. This is an ideal fair for anyone looking to fill in or recruit for positions that are at lower levels of the IT hierarchy. For seasonal IT jobs, the Job Fair held at Casino Pier Arcade is the right one to visit.

At these events, it is possible to join the database of a Newark Software Search Firm. These databases have a wealth of information from potential employees. This information includes qualifications, experience information, certifications and details on specializations. Furthermore, the desired positions are also included, so that when placement is done, the right candidate is chosen for the job that is available.

As you are looking to get picked by the best Newark Search Firms, or to find a qualified member to add to your team from their pool, be clear about your expectations. It is best to retain a search firm who knows everything possible about the IT industry. This experience could be the one factor that elevates your company and gives you the edge. The understanding that this firm brings ensures that you will always have a member of your team who is up to date with everything in the IT industry.

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