Spotlight on HR: Kumud Sharma

Spotlight on HR series:
A Conversation With Director Of Human Resources, Kumud Sharma Vice President of HR

We’re putting together a series of innovative and interesting human resource professionals. This is an opportunity to learn from other HR managers and exchange best practices, advice, and general experience. If you’d like to participate in this series and gain exposure to relevant networks, we’d love to hear from you! Send an email to erin@recruiterslineup.com

Tell us a little about your work experience in HR.

I’m a versatile human resources professional (currentlyVice President of HR) with strong understanding of technology business and a unique ability to help organizations strengthen and grow at a fast pace. I have designed and executed world-class HR initiatives aligned with and supportive of business objectives. I have partnered with a world-class Merger and Acquisition teams in due diligence and business integration planning for transactions for extensive operations across the US, India, Canada, LATAM, and UK

What are the unique talents you bring to the field?

I work very closely with business while working on all initiatives in HR. Understanding the business and organizational goals is key to my success. Since I have developed and grown as a generalist, this experience has helped me in creating unique work plans for the role I am in. Also allowing me to align HR efforts and change them as needed for any organization.

What’s your favorite HR tech tool?

HRIS and ATS. I have been able to customize tools based on the company needs.

As an HR professional, how do you handle recruiting?

Recruiting is a very important function for all the companies I have worked for. I have set the selection parameters and used training skills to enhance the quality of candidates and hires that make a difference in the organization. I have worked closely with my recruitment team to make sure that recruitment is developed as a core process. Most of the recruitment was done by in-house recruiters as I believe they understand the values of the organization in addition to the required skills sets better than external search agencies. Currently, at Rsam, it is very important that every candidate considered for a position at Rsam aligns with our values in addition to being suitable for the role.

What do you hope to achieve in 2018?

Talent Management as per our corporate goals.

Want to add anything else relevant, fun, or insightful?

HR is a continuous process and I enjoy the pace and variety in the role. I have been asked many times, “what would you do if you were not in HR ?”, honestly, I don’t know if I could do anything but HR, I love my role, profile, and company and people I work with.

To get in touch with Kumud, visit her LinkedIn page.

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