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Aerospace Virginia Beach Recruiters

Virginia Beach Aerospace Recruiters

The state of Virginia has more than 285 aerospace firms and this is mainly due to the availability of a skilled workforce, strong economic growth, excellent quality of life as well as pro-business environment. Since 1917, the state’s aerospace industry has been performing quite well. Virginia Beach’s aerospace industry is one of the best performing in the nation to date and the industry is one of the top employers in the city. Virginia Beach aerospace recruiters have been doing their best to ensure that qualified job seekers are finding good jobs in the many aerospace firms located within the city and its environs as a way to bring down the unemployment rate, which is currently at 4.5%.

Main Players in the Sector

The city has over 20 aerospace companies, which are the main employers in this sector. These include Cyber Aerospace, Kalman & Company Inc, Ge Aviation, Imperial Research and Design LLC, tech 4 technology, Veteran Corps of America, Beechhurst Industries among others. Some of the positions that recruiters seek to fill include: –

  • Aerospace Consultants
  • Aircraft Mechanics
  • Flight Engineers
  • Aerospace Support Services
  • Electricians
  • Business Consultants And Advisors
  • Quality Inspectors
  • Management Consultants
  • Production Engineers

Expected Compensation

The aerospace industry is one of the industries which require a higher level of training and experience; therefore, jobs in this industry are highly paying. Almost all the positions require applicants to have a bachelor’s degree at the very least, and they stand a better chance if this is matched with experience. An aerospace engineer earns an average salary of $82, 798 per year. An aircraft quality control inspector earns about $74, 410 on average per year. On average, pilots earn about $92, 730, which can actually go up depending on your employer and your experience on the job.

The Process of Recruitment

Aerospace headhunters in Virginia Beach help employers keep up with the high demand for qualified staff in the aerospace industry. This is done through headhunting for qualified individuals and tracking them through their careers. This way, it is possible to make recommendations and references when positions need to be filled in short notice. Recruiters will maintain a database of suitable staff, sorting them through their qualifications, experience as well as overall skill. They work closely with top employers in the city in order to identify their needs so as to recruit the best qualified employees to work in various departments within the sector.

Recruitment events in the city help a lot too, because they bring top employers in the sector with job seekers who are qualified and ready to take up positions in the aerospace industry. Such events are job fairs that are organized every year in Virginia Beach Resort Hotel and Conference Center.

Aerospace recruiting in Virginia Beach is the way to go for any employer looking to fill in positions within the aerospace industry. Search firms are able to identify the available opportunities and find motivated individuals to take them up and lead a firm to success.