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In the space of formal employment, there are numerous opportunities to break free from the norm.  In Chicago, there unemployment rate is 5.4, which is above the national average of 4.5. This means that there are a considerable number of people who are unemployed and looking for opportunities of earning income.  While exploring these opportunities, one can opt to take on a challenge and create their own startup. In Chicago, startups received a total amount of $1.7billion in the year ending 2015. The Marketing and Advertising sector of the market received the highest amount of funding, revealing a fundamental trend for those seeking the services from Chicago Startup Recruiters.

Startups recruiters Chicago are at an advantage, as startups typically cut across all sectors. This means that there is a larger pool of motivated people to choose from. Furthermore, it is easier to create a detailed profile of a startup executive, and to ensure that this profile is met by the right candidates.


Sourcing the Right Staff

Chicago Startup Executive Recruiters are able to find the right people to create a successful startup. In addition to sourcing them, they can also connect them with venture capitalists or angel investors who are looking to support new ventures. Some of the leading Startup headhunters in Chicago include Hyde Park Venture Partners who are able to invest between $500,000 AND $3,000,000.  Another option worth exploring is MATH Venture partners, who focus on offering both finance as well as managerial and entrepreneurial management to ensure growth.

When startup recruiters Chicago are looking to fill in positions in their organizations, there are numerous positions that can be filled. This is to ensure full coverage of all departments in the startup. The positions include sales consultants, sales development representatives, information technology managers, database administrators, operations managers, general managers, clerks, administrators and so on.


Finding Recruitments Events in Chicago

To link up with leading Chicago Startup Recruiters, there are recruitments events that take place throughout the year. The best two to look out for include the Chicago Professional and Technology Diversity Career Fair that is held at The Congress Plaza Hotel. The HACE 35th Annual Leadership Career Summit & Gala takes place at the InterContinental Hotel. It provides an excellent platform to innovate good ideas, ignite action and inspire those working within the start up. At this event, it becomes possible to view who is motivated, and what can be done to achieve tangible results.

Startup Recruiting in Chicago should be done by a professional search firm. These firms typically have a detailed database, including committed potential employees and entrepreneurs who have been vetted. The database can be searched based on various criteria including skills, interviews and a variety of factors for simple selection.

In the search for executive manpower for startups, the right firm will ensure that you save time and money in making a successful decision. These firms will have the right resources, as well as a detailed understanding and knowledge of all the steps involved in the recruitment process.

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