Find Product Development Recruiters & Executive Search Firms

Find Product Development Recruiters & Executive Search Firms

The one question every start-up founder asks is how they can get a great product development recruiter. But it is not only start-ups that need these recruiters. Quite often, a company needs new talent to expand. It may be to add a few more or replace those who have left.

Product development recruiting experts match a company’s gut needs with the talent pool available in the market. A competent recruiting partner will not only help you identify talent, but also assess the culture of your company. They will also develop a hiring blueprint needed to get the right development experts to take the company to new heights.


Why Development recruiters are your best bet

Here is why you should call on recruiters when looking to fill product development and R&D positions:

1. Recruiters are your go-between when you are recruiting a full-time expert, or need the assistance of an expert consultant in a particular expertise area or with a specific product development issue.

2. They collect resumes of interested professionals and match them with their next employers. As such, they have a pool of talent and can quickly get the top talent when you are searching for a senior engineering interim or full-time executive for your firm.

3. They help overcome organizational biases. Given the complexities around hiring, it is in human nature to find shortcuts. The most common approach in this is using recommendations from friends and other companies within the network. That’s when you find yourself saying, “If so and so says they are good, then they are good.” The problem is you can conveniently favor the wrong candidate. Unlike you, the training and development headhunters treat all candidates the same way, settling for nothing less than the best.

4. Headhunters spend time studying your organizational perspective to get the ideal fit for the vacant roles. They look beyond a candidate’s simple competencies and related experiences, into the individuals’ characters to understand the cultural fit.

Before a product development firm opts to find the best recruiter, the company must list their needs and compare them against their resources. To do so, the hiring firm must answer these questions:

  • What experts are you hiring? Product development is extensive and has various departments. You need to identify the designated roles of the people you seek. Your recruits may be coders, quality controllers, non-technical staff, or executive staff.
  • Numbers: how many people are you hiring?
  • Urgency? How quickly do you need them to start working?
  • What’s your budget? You must know how much your company is willing to part with for the recruiting expenses, and if you are able to meet the market rate for the talents you are seeking.

You may not want to use product development search firms because of the costs. But tell you what, you might spend much more by making a bad hire. It’s not just the wasted time, but sub-optimal performance as a result of lousy hire can heavily weigh down on your resources.