Five Reasons Why You Should Use a Recruiting Firm

Competition for talent is at an all time high. Companies are competing for the best and the brightest to fill even the most entry level positions. How will your company compete to hire the best candidates out there?


If yours is like most companies, recruiting and hiring are not the main focus of your business. So finding the best talent can be tricky. Especially when you rely only on job boards, social media and the occasional advertisement.


If you have ever considered using a recruiter or a recruiting firm, there’s no better time to take a closer look. Recruiting firms are in the business of helping your organization to quickly find the best candidate to fill even your toughest vacancies.


Saving time and money is probably one of your highest priorities. When you work with a headhunter to fill your positions, you will do both. Here’s why.


Market Knowledge

Regardless of the business you’re in, you can find a recruiting agency that specializes in your industry. Specialized recruiters have knowledge of the types of qualifications and traits that make for a good hire.


Recruiters can be especially helpful if you’re hiring for a specialized need outside of your own industry. Need an accounting professional for your transportation business? Or a human resources expert for your logistics company? Recruiters can help you find the experts to support your business.


These specialized recruiters understand the field, the market and the competition. They know how and where to find the talent and can use their resources to your advantage.


Broad Network

There are plenty of passive job seekers out there and a recruiter knows where to find them. Some people aren’t actively looking for a job but would be willing to hear about an opportunity. You won’t find these people be placing an ad, and they usually make the best candidates.


When you work with recruiting professionals, you are leveraging their entire network. Good recruiters keep a pulse on talented people in the industry, especially when they’re not actively looking. This opens a whole pool of people that you would not have been able to reach on your own.


Fewer Applicants

This may seem contradictory, but when you’re looking to fill a key role in your organization you are looking for more candidates and fewer applicants.

When you post a job or run an advertisement, you probably receive a host of responses from people who are not qualified or are otherwise not the right fit for the job. You spend time reviewing and vetting the all of those applicants.

Using headhunters means that you are delivered candidates, not applicants. The recruiter takes care of the vetting process and produces only people who have the qualifications for the job.

Instead of reviewing 25 or more applicant resumes, you can review the qualifications of a few hand-selected candidates. The recruiter handles the initial vetting and interviewing process so that you can make your selection on the best of the candidates available.


Time to Fill Metrics

Your business can’t afford to leave key positions open while you advertise, review applications and complete interviews.


When you work with a recruiter can cut down your time to fill to a fraction of what your typical hiring timeframe may be. By knowing the market and knowing where to find the talent, a good recruiter can source candidates much quicker than a typical company.


This means that you will save money by getting a quality candidate up and running in the position in a fraction of the time.


Save Resources

You have a business to run. And if you’re lucky enough to have an HR department, they are busy dealing with the daily employee issues.


You can save your resources by hiring a firm to manage the recruitment and hiring. You will save your own staff time and maintain normal operations while recruiting for key positions.


The Bottom Line

Competing for the best and the brightest is tough and it’s only getting harder in today’s job market.  Using a headhunter will help you to maximize your candidate choices while saving you time and money. Recruiters know how to find the best and brightest candidates to fill your positions quickly.