How To Attract Out-Of-Town Talent

How To Attract Out Of Town Talent

As we’re often told, location is everything. Whether it’s real estate, the right school district or a place to work, location can make all the difference. Human resource professionals tasked with bringing on new talent know that in order to recruit the best possible people, the fit between company and employee should be a holistic one. Factors such as company culture, salary, and location all have to fit together in a way that is comfortable for both employer and employee.

There is currently a lot of location-based competition when it comes to specific job fields. High tech? You may lose the best candidates to California. Finance? See you in New York. Automotive industry? Detroit has that covered. So how to compete with these urban centers that provide the glitz that some candidates may find attractive?


Show Some Hometown Love

A large part of company culture stems from its founding location. Take the San Antonio based supermarket giant, HEB. HEB invests heavily in its home town from being a sponsor of the NBA’s San Antonio Spurs to helping out at food banks and community events. When hurricane Harvey devastated the Texas gulf, HEB immediately provided disaster relief through their fleet of mobile kitchens. Wherever your hometown may be, be sure to highlight your organization’s involvement and investment in its local community. A job is a job. An interesting and meaningful job will go beyond the day to day, and will connect directly with consumers and the immediate community. This helps potential candidates to see the opportunity for meaningful work.


Consider the Candidates Concerns

Try putting yourself in the candidate’s shoes. You’re moving your 3 children and spouse to a new city where you have no friends and no family. A fresh start is exciting, but the thought of finding housing and all the technicalities of moving can be overwhelming and daunting. It is not simply enough to read off a page of qualifications and demands. Speak to the candidate about company culture, team building, leadership growth, and those fun summer Fridays. It is easy to think of the position and only that position, but the candidate is thinking of their life as a whole. With a little compassion and encouragement, you can help the candidate to realize the great opportunity that lies before them.


Work With Recruiters LineUp

Recruiting and headhunting are best left to the professionals who have the education, knowledge and network base to best identify potential talent. Professional recruiters can also save your organization loads of time and money by streamlining the interview process and leaving you with highly qualified hand-picked candidates.

Recruiters LineUp is a great tool to put to use. Here’s how it works: simply fill out a quick form with the location, industry, and niche of the job opportunity. Recruiters LineUp then will take your contact info and put together a personalized list of the most relevant recruiters for your search. And guess what? This service is free.


Recruiting outside talent is an art form, and finding the right candidate match can be a long and complicated process. Keep in mind the importance of your specific company culture and be sure to build the image of your workplace as not only just a job, but also an opportunity to make a meaningful impact in the local community. And lastly, don’t forget to use Recruiters LineUp to get matched with the right recruiter so you can be sure you have the best shot at obtaining top talent.


Good luck!