Ideal Hires without the Long Search

Hiring A Recruiting Firm

In today’s tough job market, it can be near impossible for hiring managers to find the right candidate in a sea of resumes. Locating real talent requires special training, and a huge input of time; and even with that, finding the right fit can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. This is especially true if you are hiring for a niche market, or are seeking qualified staff in a remote location. As most HR pros know, LinkedIn and job search platforms just don’t lead to all-star hires.

The answer? Increasingly, companies are turning to executive search firms. These experts have the contacts, skill, and manpower to sift through the piles of average candidates and get to those golden hires you’ve been praying for.

  • So, how do you find the executive search firms that best fit your hiring needs? And how can you be sure you’ve found talented recruiters you can trust?

Here are the top 7 tips for finding the right executive search firm

1.    Make sure you have access to a broad range of executive search firms, executive recruiters, headhunters, staffing firms and other recruiting services. Start with as large a list as possible and work your way through, searching narrowly until you find a service that fits.

2.    Look for a search firm that has a background in staffing for the industry and type of position that you need. Just because a search firm has helped another company find great paralegals does not mean they have the contacts to help your company hire a new chemical engineer. Get and stay as specific as possible. This goes for geographic location too. If you need a medical secretary in Tucson, be sure this is something the firm can and will achieve.

3.    Be certain that the firm specializes in candidates on the professional level you seek. If you are looking for a new chief executive, search for a firm that works with C-level candidates, not entry-level job seekers.

4.    Specify the kind of hiring agreement that works for you. Decide if you would like to hire on contingency, or with a retained fee structure, and then find the firm that will work with you your way.

5.    Ask about retention rates. A good firm will be able to provide data, not only about successful placements they have made, but also about how long those candidates have stayed in the position, and how successful they have been. A good firm is only as good as its record, do don’t be shy to ask for it.

6.    Try for that “click.” No, we’re not suggesting you find true love, but to borrow a concept from the dating world, the right search firm will “get you.” They’ll have done the research about your company and will have developed a sense for its strategies and brand. They’ll also have a broad idea of your competition and will know how to recruit the kind of talent that will help your company succeed.

7.    Work with a firm that has a clear vision of the post-hire period. Will they stay in touch with the placed candidate? What about potential issues that may arise during the negotiation and training period?

Now that you have a sense of what to look for in an executive search firm, the next step is diving into the process of locating the right one. Ironically, that too requires that you conduct an intricate, labor intensive search. While Googling “executive search firms” may have its merits, it won’t elicit the kind of service you need. That’s where Recruiters Lineup, a free web-based platform that helps you locate the perfect executive recruiting resource, come in.

The Recruiters LineUp directory lists close to 98% of all executive search firms, executive recruiters, headhunters, staffing firms and other recruiting services. It’s the trusted, simple way for HR pros to locate the executive search firm that perfectly matches their needs, and its built with the needs of hiring managers in mind.

You just fill out a registration form on the website specifying the industry, geographical location, preferred hiring agreement and other specifics. Then, sit back and wait for a personal call from Recruiters Lineup. They’ll consult with you to best understand your needs before they suggest the firms that meet those requirements. And since registration is automatic and there are no maintenance fees, the directory is completely free for you.

So, you can follow all the above tips and never waste time and money with blind searches that lead nowhere special. To learn more and try a free search, visit Recruiters LineUp.