Marketing Recruiters Omaha

Marketing Recruiters Omaha

The success of any business lies in its marketing. Marketers create awareness about the business existence and the products or services that the business is dealing with. This is the very first thing a business needs before it starts making sales. Omaha is a very industrious town; it has diversified in so many industries and in every industry, there is need for marketers to ensure that products or services are introduced and promoted to potential customers. Omaha marketing headhunters work hand in hand with different companies to ensure that they have the best marketing teams.

Omaha has a civilian labor workforce of 474,300, with a total of 17,200 unemployed. The unemployment rate stands at 3.6%, which is slightly lower than the national average of 4.2%. From this pool of people, recruiters can find marketers to fit available positions in all industries and sectors.

Marketing jobs available in Omaha

Marketing jobs in Omaha are diverse, allowing people of all qualifications a chance to explore this field. Here are some of the marketing positions that are available: –

  • Marketing director
  • Social media/community manager
  • Marketing manager
  • Field marketers
  • Marketing communications manager
  • Inbound marketing manager
  • Marketing research analyst
  • Blog manager
  • Marketing consultants
  • Product managers
  • Email marketing manager
  • SEO manager among others

Main players in the industry

Marketing positions in Omaha are typically filled by the best recruiters in town. Some of the major employers in the town include Offut Air Force Base, CHI Health, Omaha public schools, Hy-Vee, Union Pacific among others.

Expected salary

Growing in the field of marketing will lead to excellent remuneration over time. Even those that start at the bottom of the ladder have the chance to earn good wages. Furthermore, marketers also have the opportunity of earning commission if they surpass the expectations of a business. A marketing manager in a good company can earn up to $107, 152 per year. An account manager can earn an average salary of $52, 156 while field markets take home an average salary of $45, 375. Omaha marketing search firms are able to identify the best paying employers in the industry.

Recruiting processes and events

Omaha marketing recruiting is a very important process in ensuring that the available marketing positions in different companies are filled up with the best and well trained job seekers. Recruiters bridge the gap between employers and job seekers to ensure that deserving job seekers are taking up good marketing positions in the best companies in the town.

The Omaha Career Fairs, some of which are organized throughout the years by the University of Nebraska, Omaha, help recruiters find who they need to fill in the available positions. Job seekers are able to meet and interact with employers in various sectors as well as attend interviews that could land them a good job on the spot.

Omaha marketing headhunting is necessary for companies that are prioritizing their growth, especially in the long run. An excellent search firm will ensure that they remain on course to meet this goal. To find the best recruiters most relevant for your job search, use our free search tool.