Oklahoma Education Recruiters

Oklahoma Education Recruiters

Oklahoma Education Recruiters

Oklahoma’s education system is made up of both public school districts and independent private institutions. The state has over 638, 817 number of students, who are enrolled in the state’s public primary, secondary as well as vocational schools. It is also ranked among the states with the lowest expenditures per student in the entire nation. Its kindergarten education is among the best in the country, meaning that education is valued incredibly in Oklahoma. For this reason, only the best trained teachers are required to maintain high standards of education. With an unemployment rate of 4.3%, there is a lot that needs to be done to reduce the unemployment gap and at the same time ensure that schools and institutions have enough personnel for better service delivery. This is where Oklahoma education headhunters come in.

Large Employers

For aspiring teachers who are looking for work in Oklahoma education sector, there are major education institutions and schools with available positions. Recruiters seek to fill these positions based on level of qualification and preference. The largest employers are higher education institutions including the University of Oklahoma – Norma with 12,700 employees, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre with 5,000 employees and the university of Central Oklahoma with 3,000 employees. Other highly significant employees include Oklahoma State University, Oklahoma City Community College, Northeastern State University as well as The University of Tulsa.

Available Jobs in Education

The education sector is vast, starting all the way from pre-school and going up to higher education institutions. The positions that can be filled in include:

  • Academic Advisors
  • Program Assistant
  • Education Coordinator
  • Administrators
  • After School Program Aide
  • Principle
  • Instructors
  • Preschool Specialists
  • School Nurses
  • Assistant Dean
  • Lead Teachers
  • Librarians

Expected Salary

Teachers are paid different salaries depending on the type of institution they are teaching in, and how specialized they are as teachers. A professor at Oklahoma City University earns an average salary of $104, 829 per year. An assistant professor can earn up to $81, 040 per year. The annual salary of a school nurse ranges between $36,428 and $57, 562. A preschool teacher working on an hourly basis can make $10.16 on an hourly basis, plus other allowances and benefits, which vary so much depending on the employer. The best education recruiters in Oklahoma can easily connect employers with the right people for a job at hand.

Recruitment Processes

Education headhunters in Oklahoma are on the forefront to ensure that only qualified individuals are getting jobs in the various education institutions in the state. They work with the government and private employers to ensure that the best trained teachers are deployed in various institutions for quality results all the time. This is done by conducting comprehensive interviews, assessing qualifications, experience as well as skill.

Education recruiting in Oklahoma has helped the state to maintain the standard of education in institutions in the state. They ensure that only the best qualified personnel are hired in these institutions. This is one sector within the economy that reveals slow and steady growth.