Are you ready for Generation Z?

A recent report on the top trends in human resources trends by Fast Company boldly claimed that Millennials are already old news– and Generation Z has taken front and center stage. It is true that Millennials have taken a stronghold of the workplace and brought with them many new values and ethos. After having achieved great success as founders, CEOs and other leadership positions,  Millennials are no longer the new kids in town. The average millennial is about 30 years old, while Generation Z (born around 1994-1996) is now currently 21-23.

What to Expect

Not much is known yet about Generation Z’s preferences, beliefs, and workplace behaviors. Will they have different needs and demands than those characteristic of millennials? How will HR teams adjust to meet their needs and encourage their loyalty and boost motivation?
We may not have all the keys to Generation Z, yet. But HR managers can rely on outside recruiters and headhunters who have their pulse on new and emerging talent. Through resources like Recruiters LineUp you can have your company matched with the best and most relevant recruiters for you. You can search via industry, location or niche– and use the invaluable social networks and relationships to get you the most fresh and relevant new talent.

What’s Ahead

With every new wave in the workforce comes new talent which typically demands new human resource practices. Millennials brought a strong belief in the importance of a company’s engagement in its immediate community and the importance of making a positive difference in the world. HR teams adjusted by focusing on a more holistic approach to human resources management and by placing importance and time investment in company culture and company values. We can’t wait to see what’s ahead with Generation Z!

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