Recruiting COO People

Chief operating officers are some of the most important senior executives in any business. Their responsibility is mainly in the day to day operation of a business. They are the people who ensure that things are running smoothly in the business, which they then report to the highest-ranking executive, who is usually the CEO. Being the second in command in the business, this is a very important role that requires great skills, knowledge and high integrity. Finding the best COO for your business is just what you need to be sure that your business will always run as it should.

Recruiting COO for your business is the very first step in ensuring that your business will have an overseer you can trust and fully rely on, one who will make sure that all areas within the business are working as they should at all times. With the right COO, the CEO does not need to be present at all times for the business to run. The help of COO recruiters will go a long way in finding you the right talent for your business. There are many potential COOs out there, looking for jobs in various companies but your choice will always depend on your needs and nature of your business.


How to find the right COO recruiter

There are many COO headhunters on the market today and not all of them can deliver the kinds of results you are expecting when hiring the most senior assistant in your business. You need to find one that specializes in your niche and one that is based on your location to make the search easy and successful. You can do an online search through recruiter’s directory or you can seek for referrals, just so you can end up working with the right person. When working with the wrong recruiter, you can end up doing more harm than good, as this story reveals. However, there are certain factors you must consider before engaging any COO search firms.

1. What is their success rate?

This will help you figure out your chances of success in finding the right candidate while working with a particular search firm. COO recruiters with the highest success rate will be the most ideal to consider. Find out how long most of the candidates they find stay in their jobs to determine how reliable they are in finding employees that will stay.

2. What are their preferred payment plans?

This will help you figure out how easy it will be to make payments for the rendered services. Different COO recruiting firms have different repayment plans that they prefer. Some COO headhunters will ask for an upfront fee to start the search and others will ask to be paid a certain percentage of the candidate’s excepted first salary. A flexible means of payment will work for you. You can learn more about the fine print of recruiting fees agreements here.

3. How soon will they find you a match?

This depends on how fast you need to fill in the open vacancy. If you need an employee fast, look for CFO recruiters that can deliver results in the least amount of time.