The 10 Best Employee Time Tracking Apps For 2021

The 10 Best Employee Time Tracking Apps For 2021

Gone are the days of punching in and punching out of a shift. With advances in technology and the way we communicate with our teams, more often than not, there’s no real need for employees to come to the office to get the job done. We can see that with the rise of the gig economy and the popularity of hiring remote teams. However, just because we’re flexible with the work environment, and trust our staff to reach their goals without close supervision, it does not mean we shouldn’t track their time.

Knowing exactly how much time is spent doing each task is important for any sized company. With employee time tracking apps tools you can see exactly what tasks are the most challenging, where too much time is being wasted and retraining is necessary, what tasks you weren’t even aware of, and most importantly — you’ll be able to manage your team to be as efficient as possible. 

Employee time tracking apps can help you achieve all of that. We’ve gathered the top employee time tracking apps for 2021, to help you find the best time tracker software for your specific needs and the needs of your company.


Top 10 Time Tracking Apps Of 2021


1. Zoho Projectszoho

You may remember Zoho from another article we did about HR management software solutions. This company has a range of solutions for small businesses, to fit any need, from payroll to recruiting, and in this case, task management and time tracking tools. This intuitive platform allows you to break down complex projects into milestones, task lists and goals, assign them to team members and collaborate easily, all while tracking time for optimum productivity.


2. DeskTime


This one is on our list of best time tracking apps for small businesses, as its main focus is to make your company more productive. While this user-friendly app lets you monitor your staff and manage their projects more efficiently, it’s the productivity analysis that takes this tool over the top — giving you a measurement to help save time and money.


3. ProofHub


If the fact that NASA and Disney use this software doesn’t persuade you, then let us tell you about the many benefits of ProofHub. Like other employee time tracking apps, it does keep time but offers so much more. With workflows, timeline views, task assignment and custom roles, this time tracking software lets you manage every project like a pro. Moreover, it lets you delegate assignments and provide your middle management with more autonomy.


4. Time Doctor


We recommend Time Doctor as one of the top time tracking apps for small businesses, as it will make it easier for you to work with freelancers and contractors. While this software allows for accurate time tracking of your employees, it also provides you with a payment system connected directly to the platform, based on the time tracked. Payments can be done via PayPal, Payoneer, TransferWise and more. Additionally, for those worried about staff slacking off, the app also provides screenshots.


5. Hubstaff


Similarly to Time Doctor, Hubstaff lets you monitor your employees, track their time and manage projects efficiently. What makes this one of the best employee time tracking apps for 2021 is its ability to work from virtually anywhere — Windows, Mac, or Linux, as well as mobile devices. Moreover, the app has a GPS tracker, for companies with traveling employees. You can make sure that your salespeople and repair professionals don’t spend too much time in one place.


6. Harvest


This is another app that is aimed towards startups and small businesses, thanks to its ability to track time effectively, create reports to help you monitor tasks with ease and allowing you to pay and invoice — all within the platform. Not only that, but the system also has automatic email reminders, so you don’t have to chase up unpaid invoices yourself.


7. Clarizen


We included Clarizen as one of the best time tracker software solutions out there, as it helps managers and employees complete projects successfully every single time. This cloud-based solution offers much more than time tracking — it starts with strategy, then into planning and execution, thereby allowing your staff to manage all of their conversations, data sharing, and progress within the platform.


8. When I Work


Companies that have employees working on remote sites, such as catering, sales, and construction, may need to worry less about task management and efficiency and simply focus on the aspect of clocking in and out. When I Work lets your employees make changes to shifts and schedules, allows them to check-in on mobile with Geo pin and sends mobile notifications to make sure people are reminded to come to work and clock-in. The app also interacts seamlessly with your payroll.


9. Timely


With this app, there’s no need for on and off buttons. Timely uses AI to track and categorize your work and manufacture automated timesheets. This works from any location and any device, to ensure you know where your time and your employees’ time is spent and potentially wasted. The software also lets you track budget spending and provides reports — all in real-time.


10. Toggl


The last one on our list of top employee time tracking apps 2021 tools is simple, yet effective. It does exactly what it’s meant to do — track time. And if you forget about it, there are tracking reminders and idle time to help you remember. As it’s so easy to use, most chances are that your employees won’t be intimidated to start. The interface is inviting, creating a project and tasks are a breeze, as well as assigning them. All that’s left to do is track the progress.