Top 10 HR and Talent Acquisition Conferences to Attend in 2020

Top 10 HR and Talent Acquisition Conferences to Attend in 2018

Top 10 HR Conferences to Attend in 2020


Updated March 2020

The human resources field keeps evolving and changing with every passing year, and those of us who don’t grow along with it will simply be left behind. Whether you’re looking to expand your knowledge about recruiting tech talent, understand what recruiting methods are obsolete, learn more about onboarding, offboarding, AI in HR or people analytics — attending the top HR conferences in 2020 will keep you in the loop on everything in the industry. 

Moreover, visiting one or more of these HR events in 2020 can help expand your network and just add more interest to your career in general. We’ve collected the best HR conferences to attend and listed them in chronological order, for those of you who are in the US, as well as for those who are willing to get on a plane and explore other countries and continents. 


HR Transform

Name: HR Transform

When: 23-25 March 2020

Where: Las Vegas, Nevada

How Much: From $1,095

Notable Speakers: Gracie Mercado, VP, Head of Team HR Support, NBA, David Hanrahan, CHRO, Eventbrite and Mita Mallick, Head of Diversity & Cross-Cultural Marketing at Uniliver.

With workshops such as “Igniting the Role of HR in the Digital Age“, talks about diversity and inclusion and lectures about employee activism, as well as humanizing AI — HR Transform aims to get you ready for the future of the corporate workplace. This is definitely one of the top recruiting conferences of 2020 if you want to keep up with all of the currents trends.


People Analytics

Name: People Analytics & Workforce Planning

When: 23-25 March 2020

Where: Aventura, Florida

How Much: From $1,795

Notable Speakers: Roxanne Bisby Davis, Director of Team Analytics and Research at Cisco

If you are still confused about HR analytics, there’s no better place to learn and ask questions than the annual People Analytics & Workforce Planning conference. This year’s focus is on better business results using strategic alignment along with workforce insights. With a variety of workshops and certifications, you’re sure to leave the event an expert.



Name: WorkHuman Live 

When: 11-14 May 2020

Where: San Antonio, Texas

How Much: From $1,595

Notable Speakers: The author of “The Art of Gathering: How We Meet and Why it Matters” – Priya Parker

Are you ready to talk about the human aspect of HR? After all, it’s in the title — but people often forget about it. WorkHuman Live centers on conversations and ideas, hoping to bring more gratitude, kindness, and sympathy into the workplace. You have to be there to understand the real impact of this type of discussion. 


Unleash America

Name: UNLEASH America

When: 12-13 May 2020

Where: Las Vegas, Nevada

How Much: From $1,195

Notable Speakers: Elpida Ormanidou, VP, Data Science at Starbucks and Ernest Ng, VP, Global HR Strategy, People Analytics & Technology at Salesforce

For those of you who can’t make it to Unleash World in Paris (further down the list), this is the next best thing. Just like its European equivalent, this is one of the best HR events in 2020, covering anything you need to know about HR technology, from best practices to the newest trends and tools. With panels about blockchain and ethical AI, you don’t want to miss this one. 



Name: HR 360 – European Summit

When: 3-4 June 2020 

Where: Berlin, Germany

How Much: From €1,399

Notable Speakers: Maria Odunsi, Head of HR for Uber in Northern Eastern Europe and Reinhard Nissl, HR Director for Microsoft in Central & Eastern Europe.

This is one of the largest HR events in 2020 in Europe and is considered one of the best HR conferences to attend, with speakers from leading companies around the world. With topics ranging from digital recruitment strategy and employee retention to future-proofing your workforce, it covers all of the latest in the business — with multiple networking breaks as well.



Name: WorldatWork 2020

When: 7-10 June 2020

Where: Minneapolis, MN

How Much: From $1695

Notable Speakers: Retired Racecar Driver Danica Patrick and Actress Brooke Shields 

Created by Total Rewards Association, WorldatWork is a conference that focuses on one main topic of HR — benefits and compensation. With over 150 expert speakers, including some famous names outside of the HR field as well (as you can tell from the two mentioned above), this is by far one of the top HR conferences in 2020; especially for those looking to dive deeper into the topic of rewards.


Name: Beyond HR Forum

When: 11-12 June 2020

Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands

How Much: From €1,195

Notable Speakers: Roberto di Bernardini, Chief HR Officer at Santander and Vivienne Ming, Theoretical Neuroscientist and Artificial Intelligence Expert at Sonos Labs.

This event differs from other top HR conferences in 2020, as it’s aimed specifically at senior HR executives. Beyond HR Forum will focus on the future of HR and the workplace, and explore the topic through an exhibition, master classes, inspirational keynotes, and a hackathon. Of course, we’re not forgetting numerous networking opportunities.



Name: SHRM 20

When: 28 June – 1 July 2020

Where: San Diego, California

How Much: From $1,550

Notable Speakers: Carly Fiorina, Founder, and Chairman of Carly Fiorina Enterprises and Mindy Grossman, President and Chief Executive Officer of WW International

You can’t talk about the best HR conferences to attend, without mentioning SHRM 20, as this organization is one of the biggest HR leaders in the world. In past years they had huge names as keynote speakers, such as Martha Stewart and Lionel Richie, and this year is no different — with the president of Weight Watchers and the first woman ever to lead a Fortune 50 company.


London HR Summit

Name: London HR Summit

When: 23 September 2020

Where: London, UK

How Much: Free

Notable Speakers: This event is more focused on the personal experience

One of the only free events on the list of best HR conferences to attend, the London HR Summit is aimed at helping senior HR professionals meet the best suppliers in the business. Each HR expert receives a pre-arranged itinerary of one-to-one meetings, can attend seminars hosted by CEO’s and HR leaders and gets to network — all in one condensed, highly-organized day.


Unleash World

Name: UNLEASH World

When: 20-21 October 2020

Where: Paris, France

How Much: From €1,395

Notable Speakers: Hasn’t been announced yet

If you’re on the lookout for HR tech conferences, Unleash World is the place for you. This event brings together buyers and suppliers from all over the globe, helping them discover tools, applications, and processes to improve their everyday work. It also attracts the top speakers in the HR tech field, when past years included companies like Airbus, Reddit, and Spotify.


Top 10 HR and Recruiting Conferences You Should Attend in 2019


The field of human resources is so vast that it’s sometimes hard to keep up with all of the changes and developments happening in regulations, trends, technology and so on. A good way to make sure we don’t get left behind is to attend HR tech conferences, where we can get educated about things such as recruitment assessment tools or employee performance management tools. However, there are so many HR events happening in 2019, in tech and otherwise, that it’s hard to know which ones to choose. That’s why we’ve gathered for you the best HR conferences to attend in the US (and two outside), so you can get your calendar ready for the rest of the year.


HRPA 2019

HRPA 2019When: January 30 – February 1, 2019

Where: Metro Toronto Convention Center

How Much: $164+

Notable Speakers: Tarana Burke, Social Activist & Founder of #MeToo Movement. Steve Pemberton, Chief Human Resources Officer at Globoforce. David McWilliams, Economist, Broadcaster & Bestselling Author.

It’s funny to start the list of best HR conferences to attend with an event in Canada, however, this conference is the largest one in the country, with numerous impressive speakers. The 2019 conference will center around achieving a positive work climate, and as such, hosts many social activists. This is shaping up to be not just one of the top HR conferences in 2019, but one that many non-HR people will enjoy as well.


Hiring Success 2019


When: February 26-27, 2019

Where: Pier 27, San Francisco

How Much: $495+

While no speakers have been announced for 2019 yet, with the past lineup being Steve Fogarty (Senior Director Talent Futures Adidas), Lou Adler (CEO The Adler Group and Kathryn Minshew (CEO The Muse), this event is sure to deliver. HIRE19 is all about bettering your hiring process. With the agenda including sessions such as blockchain in recruiting, humanizing the recruiting process and harnessing diversity, it is definitely one of the top recruiting conferences of 2019.


2019 People Analytics & Workforce Planning Conference

People Analytics

When: March 05-07, 2019

Where: InterContinental Miami

How Much: $1,795+

Notable Speakers: Jane Barrett, Vice President and Global Head of Workforce Planning & Analytics at Ericsson Inc. Ernest Ng, Vice President of Global HR Strategy, People Analytics and Technology at Salesforce, Amit Chowdhary, Vice President, Workforce Planning and Analytics at Visa.

As you can tell from the title, this event is focused on one main topic, analytics, and as such, it is one of the top HR tech conferences you should consider. Come to Miami to learn how to make better recruiting decisions for your organization based on data, and learn that from all of the experts in the field.


Unleash America

Unleash AmericaWhen: May 14-15, 2019

Where: Aria Resort & Casino, Las Vegas

How Much: $1,195+

Notable Speakers: Edward Snowden & Amy Cappellanti-Wolf, CHRO of Symantec (Fortune 500 cybersecurity company).

As you can tell from the impressive speakers for this event, Unleash America is the place to be for HR tech conferences in 2019. This two-day event will feature more than 100 speakers, including sessions and product demonstrations, which will help you and your HR team get up to date with all of the latest technologies. Get educated about machine learning and AI in HR and make sure you don’t get left behind.


The HR360 European Summit


When: June 4-5, 2019

Where: Hilton Vienna Danube Waterfront, Austria

How Much: €1,299 +

Notable Speakers: Peter Holmark, HR Director, Europe, Nokia. Sabine Keuschen, Head of HR Functions, Airbus Defence & Space. Adam Yearsley, Global Head of Talent Management, Red Bull

If you are willing to venture outside of the US, this event is shaping up to become one of the best HR conferences to attend in 2019. This two-day event promises to educate you about all of the latest technologies in HR, present all of the trends, offer plenty of networking opportunities, and teach you all about leadership from the industry’s top professionals. Here are just some examples of sessions: How we leverage cognitive computing, the science behind sleep and how to work with start-ups and artificial intelligence.


2019 Strategic Talent Acquisition Conference

Strategic Talet Acquisition When: June 10-12, 2019

Where: Sheraton Denver Downtown

How Much: $$1,795 +

Notable Speakers: Carol McDanie, Director, Professional Talent Acquisition at Delta Air Lines & Denise Novosel, Senior Talent Acquisition Leader – Global Operations and Technology at Nike.

This is another conference that is solely focused on improving the hiring process for your company. Unlike other HR events in 2019, this one will take a deep dive into the different strategies you can employ to get new talent, leaving no stone unturned.


SHRM19 Annual Conference & Exposition


When: June 23-26, 2019

Where: Las Vegas Convention Center

How Much: $1,490+

Notable Speakers: Martha Stewart (who needs no introduction) & Dr. Brené Brown, writer of five #1 New York Times bestsellers. Her TED talk, The Power of Vulnerability, has over 35 million views.

This conference is one of the best HR conferences to attend in 2019, as well as the most well-known. It hosts around 200 different sessions over a course of four days, from leaders in the industry, professionals, strategists, and peers, on topics such as workplace strategy, global HR, compensation, and benefits, leadership and more. On top of that, the exposition will introduce you to new technology and suppliers, as well as provide you with great opportunities to network.


HR Technology Conference & Expo

HR Technology ConferenceWhen: October 1-4, 2019

Where: The Venetian, Las Vegas

How Much: TBD

As registration for this event only opened in January, the topics and speakers are still pending. However, this conference is sure to be one of the top HR conferences in 2019, especially if we’re talking about HR tech conferences. This event has been running for over 20 years, and last year hosted speakers from Oracle, L’Oreal, NBCUniversal, Twitter, Amazon and many more.


The HR Southwest Conference

HR Southwest Conference

When: October 27-30, 2019

Where: Fort Worth Convention Center, Texas

How Much: $459+

Notable Speakers: Captain Scott Kelly, U.S. Astronaut & Retired U.S. Navy Captain & Ginger Hardage, Retired SVP of Culture and Communications at Southwest Airlines.

As this conference is still months away, most of the topics have not been announced yet. However, the two keynote speakers are more than impressive and are sure to provide an interesting take on HR. This conference is aimed at educating you on everything related to human resources, with subjects including employment law, healthcare and talent management.


HR Comply

HR comply

When: >November 14-15, 2019

Where: Nashville, TN

How Much: $999+

This conference is a one-stop-shop for every workplace policy update. Over a period of two days, you can receive all of the breaking updates and proven best practices, taught by the leaders in the HR industry – anything from preventing sexual harassment and bullying to HR recordkeeping.


HR and Talent Acquisition Conferences 2018


The top HR conferences 2018 are shaping up to be more dynamic and more interesting than ever before. We researched top HR conferences in 2018 and noticed some exciting trends and topics like artificial intelligence in HR, women in HR technology, and HR social media trends. Not to mention, these human resources conferences are taking place in some stellar locations this year from Berlin to Nashville. Here are the top 10 conferences we’re looking forward to in 2018:


Greenhouse OPEN

Greenhouse OPEN HR Conference 2018
This year, Netflix’s former Chief Talent Officer, Patty McCord, will keynote the OPEN 2018 leadership conference April 2-4 in New York City. Greenhouse OPEN promises a star-studded conference with other talent leaders and influencers from major companies like Airbnb, Johnson & Johnson, Dropbox, and more. Join 1000+ HR professionals and join the conversation to help shape the future of Talent Acquisition. 

Date: 2-4, April 2018 Location: New York City, NY



SHRM HR Conference 2018

There is no better place for HR professional development than SHRM’s Annual Conference & Exposition which will be hosted June 17-20 in Chicago. If you’re seeking to pump inspiration into your career, then this conference will do just that. SHRM is bringing in keynote speakers outside of the field of HR to help refresh and give you a new perspective. Who can pass up a chance to hear Malala Yousafzai, Youngest ever Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and UN Messenger of Peace.

Date: 17-20, June 2018 Location: Chicago, IL


Strategic Talent Acquisition Conference 

Strategic Talent Acquisition Conference
The 2018 Strategic Talent Acquisition Conference will help you optimize the overall talent acquisition functions as well as hone each segment to assist you in the competitive advantage you need to survive in a scarce labor market. This conference will shake up your TA process and help you adapt to better and more efficient practices. Bonus? The conference will be hosted in the Miami sunshine, June 5-7.

Date: 5-7, June 2018 Location: Miami, FL



HRPA Conference 2018
If you’re longing to understand and better incorporate new AI technologies into your human resource then the HRPA Annual conference and trade show is the conference for you. Events include “Originals: How nonconformists move the world,” “How to understand data and not be misled,” and “The Intelligence Revolution- a new age of opportunity.”

Date: 31 January – 2 February 2018 Location: Toronto, Canada


ERE Recruiting Conference

ERE Recruiting Conference

Enterprise Talent Acquisition – Recruiting that Scales High-growth and large organizations can’t afford to scramble each time a job is opened or position changes. This is your opportunity to join those who have solved these challenges and can help you be successful. Sign up for workshops, roundtable discussions, network, and more. The ERE conference will be hosted April 2-4 in San Diego, CA.

Date: 2-4, April 2018 Location: San Diego, CA


HR Tech Conference 

HR Tech Conference

The HR Tech Conference is aimed toward helping forward-looking professionals rethink HR and leverage technology to exceed employee expectations and succeed in business. What we’re looking forward to? The conference will feature women in HR technology! Catch this conference September 11-14 in Las Vegas, NV.

Date: 11-14, September 2018 Location: Las Vegas, NV



SRSC Conference

SRSC has grown to become the conference leader for recruiters and talent acquisition professionals across all industries — offering the latest in global recruiting trends, data analytics, recruitment marketing, candidate experience, tools and technology. This conference offers hands on workshops and promises you’ll leave with the latest and most relevant new recruiting trends. Mark your calendars for January 31- Feb 2 in San Francisco.

Date: 31 January – 2 February 2018 Location: San Francisco, CA


Rethink HR Conference
Rethink! HR Tech Europe is an international knowledge & project exchange platform bringing together more than 150 Heads of HR and HR decision makers to discuss key industry topics, share knowledge, create new partnerships and identify opportunities for their business. Be exposed to leaders and new ideas from all over the world. The conference takes place November 21-23 in Berlin, Germany.

Date: 21-23, November 2018 Location: Berlin, Germany



The HR360 European Summit 

The HR360 European Summit
The HR360 European Summit is shaping up to be the HR event of the year. Keynote speakers from major organizations like Shell, Cisco, Visa and Microsoft. This conference promises speakers that represent the true ‘who is who’ in HR. These forward-thinking HR Leaders from Europe’s largest and most innovative companies will shift your paradigms, challenge your assumptions, and spark new insights. Book your tickets for Austria, June 20 & 21.

Date: 20-21, June 2018 Location: Vienna, Austria




RecruitCon HR Conference
RecruitCon 2018 will arm you with the tools and tactics you need to keep up with new trends, streamline hiring processes, sharpen interview skills, improve onboarding, and more. We’re looking forward to learning how to prepare for the legal and managerial challenges of the ‘Human Cloud’—a more temporary and mobile workforce. This conference will be hosted May 10-11 in Nashville, TN.

Date: 10-11, May 2018 Location: Nashville, TN



Talent acquisition conferences offer human resource professionals the opportunity to understand the latest trends and developments in the HR field. Top keynote speakers from major global corporations as well as leaders “outside the HR box” will be appearing in conferences throughout 2018. We’re so excited for what recruiting conferences in 2018 have to offer.