Washington Defense Recruiters

Washington Defense Recruiters

There are several thriving industries that you will find in Washington, and the second largest direct employer in this state is the defense industry. This is one industry that helps to uphold the economy of the state, taking in a massive workforce of more than 127,000 people in active duty. Defense recruiters can fill in a myriad of industries, cutting across aerospace, maritime, and even global health because of meeting the needs of the defense industry.


The needs of this industry tend to be specialized, especially when it comes to information. Those who get jobs within this industry need to be able to keep information confidential, be alert and quick when it comes to meeting their roles, and work within strict rules and regulations. The vetting process can be quite extensive, and it is only professional recruiters who are best suited to carry it out.

Jobs and Employers in the Defense Industry

Those in Washington often seek Defense Staffing Services to fill positions in key companies, as well as to find the best jobs. Some of the top employers within this industry include The Boeing Company, Vigor Shipyards Inc. and Skookum Educational Programs Inc. The government is another key employer, especially through the Department of Defense. From these employers as well as others in the industry, some of the jobs that can be filled include: –

  • Machinist
  • Security Specialist
  • Nuclear Engineer
  • Financial Service Technician
  • Public Defense Investigator
  • Security Consultant
  • Aerospace Engineer
  • IT Technician


The spectrum of wages that can be earned are quite large. For example, a Criminal Investigator can earn an average of $77,120 per annum, whereas a Senior Fraud Investigator can earn an average of $53,310 on an annual basis. Defense Executive Search Firms can also help people source higher paying jobs, such as Aerospace Engineers who are able to receive up to $109,005 on average on an annual basis.

Recruiting Events

There are several recruiting events where those seeking positions in the defense industry. Through these events, they can connect with Defense Recruiters Washington, and potential employers can also meet with these recruiters to let them know the gaps that can be filled. These events are organized through the defense intelligence agency. Some of the include the Georgetown University DIA Information Session, the Institute of World Politics DIA Information Session and the American University Intelligence and National Security Job Fair.


Using the services of a professional search firm can offer a myriad of solutions to companies. To begin with, these search firms are abreast with the latest qualifications, and take time to identify the most pressing needs in the market. By creating and referring to a detailed database of potential employees, companies seeking to fill positions will find the right people with excellent skills, qualifications and experience to get the job done. For an industry that is thriving and offers a multitude of opportunities, it takes time to filter through all those seeking positions. A search firm can do this for all employers with ease.