Connecticut Sales Recruiters

Connecticut Sales Recruiters

Of all the 50 United States, Connecticut is the third smallest state by area. Nonetheless, it is the 29th most populous and the fourth most densely populated state with a population of more than 3.5 million. 54.0% of the population is within the working age and the unemployment rate currently stands at around 4.4%.

Connecticut is a quite popular because of the role it played in the Revolutionary War, which made it the Continental Army’s major supplier, which is the reason why it was called the ‘Arsenal of the Nation’ and also the reason why it became one of the most industrialized towns in the nation. Today, it has so many factories which produce weapons, sewing machines, helicopters, jet engines, motors, hardware as well as tools, clocks, cutlery, submarines, silverware, locks among other things of great importance. It is also the leading town in England in the production of peaches, eggs and mushrooms and it is the second best producer of oyster crop in the nation.

For this reason, there are thousands of sales jobs that cut across the industries. Sales recruiters seek people who show professionalism, passion, positive energy, intelligence, leadership acumen, motivation among other strong qualities. Some of the jobs that are available in this category include:

  • Field sales
  • Inside sales
  • Outside sales
  • Technical sales
  • Sales management
  • Customer relationship management

On average, people in the sales sector earn about $41, 747 per year. Many people who take up these jobs move to other positions after some time in the field. In regards to career progression, they may move up to management positions with the right career path. There are benefits like profit sharing and commissions too that are enjoyed in this sector, therefore one can earn more depending on how much input they put on their jobs.


Main job sectors in the city

The largest industries in Connecticut are Finance and Insurance, which generates about 16.4% of the GDP. The real estate industry is also doing so well as well as the manufacturing industry. The manufacturing industry alone employees more than 22,000 people in Connecticut. Recruiters are able to fill positions for sales personnel in all of these industries.


Recruitment events in the industry

Connecticut sales headhunters take their time to learn about an individual before they can consider him/her to fill a particular position. They have to ensure that the qualifications of a job seeker meet the needs of their clients in the end.

There are career fairs, which are organized by Connecticut Department of Labor in order to bring together Connecticut sales staffing recruiters, companies and job seekers together. These career fairs focus mainly on diverse and challenging job opportunities. These are organized every year and are held in different places such as the Great Path Academy Gymnasium.

Most of the people who hold major positions in the sales industry in different companies have gone through Connecticut sales recruiters, who then refer them to different and promising companies for hire. This is a very productive process as it ensures that all needs are considered during recruitment and that potential employers ae sure about their staffs abilities and qualifications.