Hospitality Recruiting Utah

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Hospitality Recruiting Utah

Utah is the top state in the nation for economic dynamism and the best state for business. Its hospitality industry, which encompasses food and beverage, lodging, recreation and travel and tourism, is among the best performing industries in the state. Even though the state is doing well economically, its unemployment rate is currently at 3.1% with plenty of room to go lower. Hospitality recruiters Utah work hard to minimize the unemployment rate by finding professional people to fill in the available positions.


Main players in the sector

Tourism alone is a major industry in Utah. The state has five national parks, which are some of the major players in the hospitality industry. These include Arches, Bryce Canyon, Canyon Lands, Zion and Capitol Reef. In addition to these, Utah has eight national monuments, which includes cedar Breaks, Dinosaur, Grand, Natural bridges among others. Its world-class amenities and ski resorts such as the Deer Valley in Park City are also main players in the sector. There are other cultural attractions including the Sundance Film Festival and Utah Shakespearean Festival which offer employment to very many people within the state every year.


Available Jobs in the Hospitality Sector

The hospitality sector is very diverse, and able to fill in a range of positions. Here are some of the typical jobs titles you will easily find in the hospitality industry:

  • Manager
  • General Manager
  • Director
  • Hotel Operations
  • Director of Maintenance
  • Director of Marketing
  • Director of Sales
  • Executive Chef
  • Banquet Manager
  • Catering Manager
  • Human Resources

Expected Compensation

The amount of money you can make by working in Utah’s hospitality industry will depend on what you are doing and the company you are working for. In addition to earning wages, it is possible to earn commissions and tips to elevate how much is taken home each month. On average, a human resource manager earns about $58, 823 per year while an operations manager can earn $54, 877 per year. A catering manager earns about $45, 564 on average per year. A senior hotel manager can make as much as $102, 398. There are jobs which are available all year round, as well as jobs which are seasonal during the tourist seasons.


Recruitment Processes

The hospitality industry is one where jobs have a high turnover, especially at lower levels. This is due to people taking on these jobs temporarily rather than as a career plan. Working with recruiters is essential to get the right people for the job, those that will stay on and advance the organization. A recruiter will evaluate education and experience, as well as spend time discussing possible career paths. This way, all those who are seeking positions will find an option that meets with their permanent plan.

Hospitality recruiting in Utah is a very important process for the employing companies and qualified job seekers. With the services of a professional search firm, it is possible to get motivated people to take up positions in the hospitality industry. With the right people in place, the sector will continue to thrive.