3 Important Steps To Finding the Perfect Recruiting Firm

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3 Important Steps To Finding the Perfect Recruiting Firm

If you’re a company looking to hire a recruitment firm, you will expect nothing but the best service and results. It’s important in order to yield the best results possible that you find a recruitment firm that can align and understand your corporate needs and values. Working with the wrong firm can be a waste of time, money, and resources.

Here are 3 Important Steps To Finding the Perfect Recruiting Firm:

Step 1: Be Specific

If you’re searching for executive level candidates in the Northeast region on the U.S., you will not want to work with a recruitment firm in specializing in mid-level managers on the West Coast. This is a classic rookie mistake, and can be easily avoided. Be sure you can clearly communicate about the type of candidate your looking for including experience, background and skills. However, don’t forget to also communicate to the recruitment firm about your company, it’s values and culture. Both pieces of the puzzle should come together to find the most suitable candidates.

Step 2: Know The Recruitment Firm

A recruitment firm should also know how to work with talent. A combination of experience and networking will help the recruitment firm to win over the perfect candidate. Is the firm ready and willing to go after passive candidates? Knowing how to woo and hook a passive candidate can be a great asset to your candidate search.

Firms most often work with the following agreements: contingency, retainer and partial retainer. Be sure to be familiar with your options in order to secure the agreement best for you and your needs:

  • Contingency: Typically get paid once the placement has been made, and work with job openings up to $100,000

  • Retainer: Firms working with a retainer collect a fee whether they find a placement or not, and usually assist in candidate searches $100,000 or above.

  • Partial Retainer: With a partial retainer agreement, the company pays a partial fee upfront, and the remainder once the candidate has been hired.

As always, reputation is everything. A potential partner may just tell you what you’d like to hear in order to hook you. Be sure to check their testimonials, references, and past placement success.

Step 3: Find The Right Headhunter or Recruiting Firm With An Easy Matchmaking Service

To simplify your life and to save time, you may want to consider using an online database like Recruiters LineUp. Recruiters LineUp specializes in helping companies with very particular hiring needs, and we aim to make your search easier and more effective. You can use our free search tool to find a recruiting firm by specialty, location, type of firm, type of jobs handled, and geographical location. After you completing the form, just sit back and let us contact you with a list of potential matches. It’s easy, efficient and effective.

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