Manufacturing Recruiters New Mexico

Manufacturing Recruiters New Mexico

The state of New Mexico provides a good number of economic incentives to manufacturing businesses. These incentives include tax exemptions and tax credits, and are mainly based on the ability of businesses to create jobs. This is because the manufacturing industry is declining, creating a serious challenge for recruiters looking to fill positions. With an unemployment rate of 6.7%, manufacturers may be motivated to invest in the state in order to awaken the manufacturing sector. Manufacturing recruiters New Mexico do their best to fill in the positions that become available with the most qualified staff that they can find.

Main players in the sector

Although the manufacturing companies in New Mexico seem to be reducing, there are still some excellent large companies providing brilliant employment opportunities. Intel Corp is the first on the list, with a total number of 2,900 employees in New Mexico alone. It is the main manufacturer of computer processors and chipsets and it has a plant in Rio Rancho. OSO Biopharmaceuticals Manufacturing LLC is another top employer in the state, hiring about 350 employees.  The Boeing Co. is third in the list with a total number of 320 employees from the state. Next are the Emcore Corp and Eclipse Aerospace Inc’ with 275 and 200 total number of employees from New Mexico respectively. New Mexico manufacturing headhunters work with these and many more top employers to connect job seekers with good jobs in the state.

Jobs in the sector

There are many manufacturing jobs you can apply for in the manufacturing sector depending on your preferences and qualifications. Some of the jobs available in New Mexico manufacturing sector include:

  • Operations manager
  • Mechanical engineers
  • Manufacturing engineers
  • Assemblers and fabricators
  • Buyers and purchasing managers
  • Industrial engineers
  • Plant managers
  • Supervisors
  • Machine operators
  • Operations clerks among others

Expected pay

The pay within the manufacturing industry in New Mexico is dependent on the company offering employment, as well as the position that is being explored. A machine operator for instance earns an average salary of $35, 029. An operations manager can earn up to $81, 733 depending on the employer and the town he is working from. Production managers earn about $102, 710 on average per year.

Recruitment processes

Manufacturing recruitment in New Mexico is mainly done by professional recruiters. Companies in the sector trust these recruiters to get them qualified individuals to fill up different positions in their companies. Job seekers can easily learn about a vacancy in a hiring company through such a recruiter.

There are workforce connection events that are organized every year in New Mexico too, including career fairs in 501 Mountain Rd. NE. At these events, recruiters form connections with those looking to fill positions, and those looking for work. Their personal information is taken down, including their qualifications and experience. This means that when the time comes to fill in a position, it can be done immediately.

Manufacturing headhunting in New Mexico works better with professional recruiters, who spot potential job seekers and connect them to employers as per the needs of employers. To find recruiters or headhunters specializing in manufacturing or New Mexico, fill out our free search form to the right of this page.