New Modern HR Philosophy

Modern HR philosophy is all encompassing. A myriad of elements make up an effective human resource strategy, including: leadership style, corporate culture, company values, and market competition. It is the responsibility of the HR team to their company’s vision, mission and goals.

No easy task is it? Modern HR philosophy takes a more holistic approach to ensuring the wellbeing and productivity of employees. Some examples include encouraging learning, office theme days, celebrate people (birthdays, retirement, achievements), encourage volunteerings, team engagement, and more.

Say Goodbye to the Traditional Workplace

The traditional workplace has begun to change as a younger millennial workforce moving into the market in a major way. Imperative to millennials is the company core value and vision, as well as its stake in the community. Millennials want to work for a good cause and for a company they feel proud to be a part of. Human resources teams both seek out new opportunities such as volunteering and community engagement, as well as bear the responsibility of communicating company culture and company values to employees.

The Importance of Camaraderie

By establishing ongoing training, mentoring and educational programs, the human resources team is able to make a long term investment in employees. Having the opportunity to obtain additional training can both boost esteem and employee loyalty. Mentorship programs, especially for new hires, can help employees to feel more connected with their peers and can improve communication and morale.

Create Internal Social Networks

The creation of internal social networks brings employees together across departments that would normally not have the opportunity to interact and engage. Employees who have the ability to interact and communicate with their peers will certainly have a chance for more creativity, communication, and overall sense of well being within the company. This includes everything from the creation of a workplace WhatsApp to bi weekly bagels and coffee– get creative and bring the whole team together.


By using a strategic, planned and holistic approach, human resources departments will be able to adjust to the new global and younger workforce, as well as cut costs and save resources.


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