Spotlight on HR: Jessica Marotta


Spotlight on HR series:
A Conversation With Jessica Marotta, Principal Recruiter at Forrester

We’re putting together a series of articles with innovative and interesting human resource professionals. This is an opportunity to learn from other HR managers and exchange best practices, advice, and general experience. If you’d like to participate in this series and gain exposure to relevant networks, we’d love to hear from you! Send an email to tal@recruiterslineup.com.


JessicaTell us about your work experience in HR.

While I was finishing up my bachelor’s degree, I was working at CapitalOne in the mailroom and covering the receptionist desk. When I graduated, a recruiting coordinator role opened, and I thought – why not?! That began my career in recruiting.

When I left CapitalOne, I ventured into general HR, but recruiting was a part of the next few roles I held. In 2010, I shifted my focus back to recruiting only. After 8 years at American Tower, a friend shared with me a senior recruiter role at Forrester had open. I left the interview at Forrester convinced it was the place for me and I was right. 

At Forrester, I have had the opportunity to recruit for every business at every level. I have a seat at the table with the business. Senior leaders look to me, as a recruiting expert, for my guidance on recruiting for their teams. I love having a seat at the table and being in a position where I am truly contributing to the growth of our business.


What are the unique talents you bring to the field?

I provide a transparent and positive experience for my candidates. I am open and honest from the very first conversation. I am not in the business of “butts in seats”. My goal is to find the right fit for Forrester and the right fit for the candidate. I spend a lot of time talking with my candidates, getting to know them and supporting them through the process. In addition, I strive to maintain those relationships when candidates convert to hires. It is not always easy when hiring all over the US or in Europe, but it is important that the relationship continues and does not drop the minute someone signs their offer letter.


Share your biggest success story in HR so far.

Hiring for the Chief Consulting Officer role at Forrester. It was a great experience to have the opportunity to recruit directly for our CEO for a role that would soon help shape the future of our organization.


What is the best advice you’ve received during your career path, and from whom?

Focus on the relationships versus the numbers – one of my mentors at CapitalOne


What’s your favorite HR tech tool?

In my current role, I lean heavily on LinkedIn recruiter. I believe it has come a long way. I do love staying up to date with other technology in the marketplace and try to test things out where possible. I love social talent and all they have to offer.


As an HR professional, how do you handle recruiting to achieve the best results?

Understanding the business. If you do not understand the day to day of what the business is doing, you will not be able to understand what it takes to be successful in the role and who to target, to ultimately fill the role.


What do you hope to achieve in 2020?

I want to continue to strengthen the relationships I have in the marketplace in our industry. Often times it can be hard to pick up our heads when we are so busy, it continues to be important to pick up my head often and network in our space!

To get in touch with Jessica visit her Linkedin page.

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