Do Or Don’t? Keep These Points In Mind When Working With A Recruiter

Working With A Recruiter

Do Or Don’t? Keep These Points In Mind When Working With A Recruiter


Do: Find a firm that specializes in your region. This may be by city, state, or a wider field of coverage, like the Northeast or Southwest.

Don’t: Hire a recruitment firm without first checking their testimonials, reviews, and employee placement history.

Do: Search for a recruiter who specializes in your industry. If you’re looking for a marketing expert in the biosciences field, make sure the firm has experience in that industry to ensure the highest quality candidates

Don’t: Sign a contract without understand the different agreement options. Be familiar between contingency, retainer, and partial retainer fees and what’s required from each.

Do: Ask what the firm offers beyond simple placement. Many firms offer also support in negotiations, placement followup, negotiation support, talent management, and more.

Don’t: Forget to do you research. Consult recruitment forums and LinkedIn to read reviews, testimonials, and learn about the firm’s history and reputation.

Do: Consider using an online database like Recruiters LineUp to help you easily match with the recruitment firms or headhunters best suited for you and your company’s needs.

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