The 10 Best Meeting Scheduling Tools for 2021

The 10 Best Meeting Scheduling Tools for 2021

HR professionals have a lot on their plates. They are often in charge of recruiting and employee onboarding, processing mountains of paperwork related to payroll and pensions, ensuring the employees’ mental health is taken care of, while also devising a good offboarding strategy for layoffs. All of this juggling requires a copious amount of meetings — to formulate a game-plan, track progress, collect feedback, correct course accordingly and meet deadlines. 

While most people hate the time wasted in endless meetings, some of them simply cannot be avoided. But the time spent scheduling meetings — the back and forth between people trying to figure out the best day and time — can be avoided using meeting scheduling tools. With the help of a simple online meeting scheduling tool instead of a group email, you can make one part of your job less painful. And we’re here with the best meeting scheduling tools for 2021, to save you time on research as well.


Top Online Scheduling Tools in 2021



1. Calendar

Integrating with Apple, Google, and Outlook Calendars, as well as various sales and productivity tools, this online meeting scheduling tool does more than just book appointments. Calendar uses AI to allow you to automatically book meetings according to your availability and everyone else’s, while also providing transcriptions and analytics that break down where you waste most of your time.



2. Doodle

You’re probably already familiar with this online meeting scheduling tool, as many people use its free version. With a simple interface, Doodle lets you set your availabilities for a specific group meeting, and allows every participant to choose their preferred dates. With the paid version, you can automatically create a meeting in everyone’s calendar at the chosen time.



3. Rally

Similarly to Doodle, Rally lets you create a poll, where the participants decide on the best time for the meeting. Apart from being completely free to use, Rally’s added bonus which put it on our list of best meeting scheduling tools for 2021 is the comment box on the poll page. This allows the participants to discuss the meeting details and talk about the agenda beforehand.



4. NeedToMeet

Yet one more on our top online scheduling tools that lets your attendees know your availabilities. Instead of creating a poll like the previous apps on this list, NeedToMeet lets you block the hours you prefer in your calendar and send the options off. Then, you can book the meeting that gets the most votes. You can use their free account, but if you want the Outlook integration, you will have to pay.



5. Calendly

Some meeting scheduling apps are more about keeping your calendar organized; making sure you don’t double-book or spread yourself too thin. Calendly is on our list of meeting scheduling tools for 2021 as it’s an easy and user-friendly solution to allow people a window into your availabilities. With a custom URL, people can book an appointment with you, which will integrate with your Google or Office 365 calendar. It sends automatic reminders before the appointment, reducing no-shows — which makes it a great tool for sales, as well as HR. It also allows for group scheduling.



6. Pick

While everyone on your team needs to be using both Pick and Google Calendar for this solution to work, it’s well worth it. This app will schedule a group meeting by automatically scanning your team’s Google calendars to find availabilities, and then send you a list of options. You can also invite everyone directly from the app, which rightfully earns it a spot on the meeting scheduling tools in 2021.



7. ScheduleOnce

If your team mainly works remotely, ScheduleOnce is a must-have. With timezone recognition, this online meeting scheduling tool will ensure that you never have to attend another 6 am catch-up with Australia. It also offers several comprehensive features for teamwork for customer-facing scheduling, such as pooled availability, round-robin assignment, as well as reporting.



8. Assistant.to

While only allowing one-to-one meetings, Assistant.to is still one of the most used meeting scheduling apps out there. It’s easy to use as a Google Chrome extension, and it’s free for Gmail. You start by blocking the times you’re free on your calendar. Your participants can then choose the best time for them and by that confirm the meeting. The solution also remembers your most common locations and availability, as well as sends notifications.



9. X.ai

Next on the list of top online scheduling tools, we have two AI-based meeting scheduling apps. But unlike Calendar, these are next-level. By CCing AI scheduling assistants Amy and Andrew on the initial email, you are allowing the software to take over the back-and-forth of booking the appointment. This AI is so clever, that some have even mistaken them for actual assistants. While other meeting scheduling apps may be able to set an appointment, this adds a personal touch, with dozens of customizations.



10. Clara

This is definitely not the cheapest option for the best meeting scheduling tools for 2021 but by far the most advanced. Clara is the closest to a human assistant that you can get, with the ability to learn your scheduling patterns and preferences — such as meeting durations, locations, times of the day and more. The future is already here.