Best 10 Automation Skills Testing Tools for 2020

Best 10 Automation Skills Testing Tools for 2018

Automation skills testing tools are as vital and crucial an element to any organization as background checks, employee referral software, and video interviewing technology. Automation skills testing allows your organization to evaluate and more fully understand potential candidates. Automated testing saves valuable time and resources while providing your organization with the opportunity for accurate and important testing.


Here are the top 10 automation testing tools



Harver is a pre-hiring and talent matching platform, designed to make excellent hiring achievable for companies of all sizes. By Automating laborious parts of your organization’s pre-hiring and selection process, the HR team is empowered to take charge of your candidate inflow and give your team the tools they need to focus on what really matters.



Prevue allows your HR team to advertise positions and automate your hiring process. An applicant tracking system helps you with recruiting and job posting, keeps tabs on assessment results, and makes it easy to take a candidate from Point A to Point B. Prevue’s own ATS, the APS Pro, integrates perfectly with our personality test, aptitude test, and interests assessment, saving your HR department valuable time and resources.



Lytmus assists with powerful authoring and customization– as it allows for any question to meet your hiring needs. Simply add your desired stack or dataset to the candidate workspace, and customize the test-cases for automated grading. Most importantly, Lytmus provides its own library of real-world tasks, natural candidate experiences, and important data driven reports.


The English Quiz

The English Quiz offers corporations a selection of ready-made or fully customizable online English tests for recruitment or in-house assessments. The English Quiz offers quick results, is cost-effective and helps your team create a better recruiting and candidate experience.


Interview Mocha

Interview Mocha is an online assessment tool that allows your organization to easily asses multiple skills and gives your HR team the power to verify the candidate’s job suitability with over 1,000 skill tests, aptitude tests, enterprise-ready assessment platform and more. Interview Mocha offers flexibility from aptitude to communication to technical job profiles.


Recruit high-quality candidates with Hundred5. This great platform will help you find qualified leads, and match candidate skills to a position’s specific requirements. Save time by initially and proactively identifying your best candidates before interviewing. Hundred 5 allows potential candidates to prove their abilities for the job by solving on-the-job tasks as they apply. This will help you quickly identify qualified candidates and eliminate everyone else before the interviews.


Risk Central

eLink Risk Solutions provides a robust and comprehensive screening solution with native integration into the Salesforce1 platform. The connector provides the organization a seamless solution for screening potential candidates, clients or resources. Important features include robust personnel portfolio, HR Background screening services, education screening, and more.



What’s most unique about Assess First? It allows your organization to recruit personalities and not just CVs. Evaluate your candidates’ real human potential, and recruit the very best talent to your team. Once candidates have completed their AssessFirst profile, you’ll find out what they can do, what really motivates them, as well as the way they behave. You’ll also receive reliable indicators about their capacity to succeed and to thrive over the long term, as a part of your business.



In addition to offering 3 advanced tools in one, Assess provides features and support services you will not get with any common mass market survey, testing, or assessment tool. Assess offers many unique and customized features as well as prompt, personal support and guidance from development to delivery to reporting and everything in between.



CodeGround(CG) is an online assessment and evaluation system (programming and MCQs), focused on helping recruiters in the initial screening of potential candidates from an ocean of job seekers in an automated manner. With a variety of testing available from aptitude, programming, skill, adaptive, and more– you’ll get access to well rounded and effective testing services.




While other ATS solutions integrate with external tools, such as Hackerrank, Codility or Amcat, Xobin builds its own tools so that you can achieve maximum integration and efficiency. In fact, it is the only recruitment software in the market with an inbuilt “fully-featured assessment software.”

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