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New Mexico Automobile Headhunters

New Mexico is a highly populated state, with a population of 2, 085, 109, which is increasing every year. Majority of people in this state were born there and only 37.9% were born in other states in the country. 19.8% of the population of New Mexico lives in poverty and the unemployment rate stand at 6.7%, which is quite high. New Mexico is a doing well economically, particularly in some sectors including oil and gas production, tourism and federal government, which are the main drivers of economy in the state. The automobile industry, though not doing well at the moment, is a highly potential employer considering the increasing number of unemployed people in the state. Therefore, New Mexico automobile recruiters have a huge task in ensuring that more people in the state are getting hired in the available companies in this sector.

Automobile jobs in New Mexico

The automotive industry in New Mexico is growing fast, and so there are many job opportunities that will be created in the near future. By using professional New Mexico automobile staffing, chances of getting the right person for a job for great companies is high. There are many jobs available in this sector and they include: –

  • Automotive technicians
  • Trolley engine mechanic
  • Drivers
  • Brake repairers
  • Car testers
  • Automotive mechanics
  • Wheel alignment and brake mechanic/ specialist
  • Tune-up mechanic/specialist
  • Truck trailer mechanic/repairer

Key players in the sector

New Mexico has quite a good number of automobile companies looking to fill positions. These include Bayerische Motoren Werke AG who have brands like BMW and Mini; there is the Chrysler Group LLC too, with brands like Jeep, Chrysler and Dodge. In addition, another key employer is the First Automobile Works, popular for brands like FAW and Fiat S.P.A is another great player in the sector, popular for brands like Ferrari, Fiat and Maserati among so many others. With such amazing employers in the state, New Mexico automobile headhunters can connect the right jobseekers who have an interest in the automobile industry to jobs created in these companies.

Expected pay

The automobile industry is a well paying industry, without any exception to New Mexico. It is an industry that requires special skills and a good level of experience, which must be well compensated for companies to continue making the best productions for the entire world. A simple bus driver in New Mexico can earn a salary of up to $28, 350. An automotive mechanic working on an hourly basis can make $21, 21 per hour. A machine assembler can earn an hourly rate of $18 per hour or an average salary of $37,109 depending on the employer and his level of qualification.

Recruitment events and processes

Automobile recruiting in New Mexico takes different forms, depending on what the job seeker or the employer prefers. Filing automobile job positions in New Mexico is easier if you work with recruiters although you can still attend the job fairs that are organized every year on 501 Mountain Road. NM.

Automobile recruiting in New Mexico is an important process and the right search firm will help a company sell both time and money.

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