Chicago Legal Recruiters

Chicago Legal Recruiters

The state of Illinois has a population of more than 12 million people. It is also home of the third largest city in the US, which is Chicago. It has a population of approximately 2.7 million people. The best legal recruiters in Chicago can choose from an excellent pool of potential staff as the unemployment rate is currently at 5.4%.

The fastest growing industry in Chicago is the professional and business services industry, which has grown by 2.6%. It is in this sector that you will find people to fill in positions for legal professionals. If you get a job as a lawyer in the Chicago area, you can earn an average of $61 an hour. This is close to the national average which is $65.


Job Options Available

Other than lawyers, Chicago Legal Recruiters are also able to fill a range of legal jobs as well. These include positions like legal secretaries, paralegals, administrative assistants and more. Earnings vary based on position. For example, a legal secretary can look forward to a take home salary of up to $54,000, and to this figure, bonuses and benefits can be added. Paralegals on the other hand can earn up to $94,000 each year. Bonuses can equal half the salary amount per year, and companies that do well can also provide a percentage of profits. In many legal firms, earnings can further be elevated through commissions.

Legal headhunters in Chicago are often looking to fill positions in the largest law firms in Chicago, including Kirkland & Ellis LLP that has more than 500 attorneys, and Sidley Austin LLP that has more than 450 attorneys. To get these jobs, they look for talented individuals that have certain skills. These skills include negotiation, intellectual property, insurance, and research. With these skills in place, career progression becomes easier and Chicago Legal Recruiters are able to help with long term career planning.


Recruiting Events

To make the most of Legal Recruiting in Chicago, there are career fairs and hiring events that are worth attendance. One of these is the Chicago professional Hiring Event that is held at the Congress Plaza Hotel. At this event, recruiters are able to connect with top employers to identify their needs. In addition, qualified people can apply for jobs on the spot.

In order to get the most out of the opportunities in this sector, one needs to have a search firm retained. This firm should be well experienced in both sourcing, and securing leading professionals in the legal industry. Legal headhunters in Chicago have a defined methodology for getting the right staff. This includes a process of selection, analyzing, and defining based on skills, education and experience. When you are looking to find the most talented individuals in the legal profession while you are in Chicago, choose the right search firm. This way, it will be possible to meet the expectations of clientele, so that all the people involved are fully satisfied. This also guarantees excellent results.

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