Detroit Automobile Headhunters

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Detroit Automobile Headhunters

Detroit is the largest city of the state of Michigan, with a population density of 713, 777 residents. It is called the Motor City as it has been recognized for a very long time as the heart of American automotive industry. Its automotive industry has provided the model for mass production that other industries adopted later on. It is also home to 3 Fortune 500 companies. With an unemployed rate of 6.2%, automobile recruiting in Detroit is necessary in order to connect job seekers with the available jobs in the automobile sector.


Major players in the industry

One fifth of the city’s employment base work in downtown Detroit. This is where some of the most significant automobile companies in the country can be found for instance General Motors. This is the number one employer in the industry in the city. The company designs, manufacturers, markets and distributes vehicles and vehicle parts as well as sale of financial services, therefore a lot of people are required to take different position in such a company to ensure smooth flow of operations, which is why Detroit automobile staffing is necessary.


Jobs available in the sector

Detroit automobile recruiters help employers in the city fill various positions in the industry according to their qualifications and preference. When it comes to the automotive industry, there are a wide range of jobs available, which appeal to different people of different interests and qualifications. Job seekers should therefore be able to find something they like with ease. With the right training, it is possible to fill positions in companies as follows:

  • Engineering jobs
  • Automobile designers
  • Automotive technicians
  • Maintenance technicians
  • Car mechanics
  • Sales persons
  • Body and paint specialists
  • Managers
  • Internet sales managers among others 

Expected pay

Payment fluctuates, and those who have extended their education to include college qualifications are likely to earn more. On average, a car mechanic in Detroit will earn a yearly salary of up to $36, 690 while a sales person in the automotive industry can earn $19, 989 yearly plus commissions and benefits. Getting a promotion is easy in this industry as you gain experience on the job, and this means that you can earn a better pay as you continue working.


Employment processes and events

Automobile recruiting in Detroit is mainly done by well trained recruiters, who work hand in hand with job seekers and employers in the industry in order to fill the various positions that are advertised in the sector.

Job fairs are also organized yearly in Courtyard by Marriott in order to bring together employers and job seekers. It is in such events that recruiters identify the different careers in the industry and the qualifications for various positions that need to be filled so that they can offer the best placement.

Detroit automobile headhunters have a huge responsibility of ensuring that people interested in working in the automobile industry in the city and those that are fully qualified are given the positions that are advertised by various companies in the sector.

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