Transportation Recruiters Indianapolis

The transportation industry involves everything from transporting goods to people and animals, via various modes of transportation. From the logistics to the laborers to the drivers and operators, there are various areas of work within the transportation industry. Some more common jobs include semi-truck drivers, school bus drivers, freight and material movers, and locomotive engineers.

Hiring workers for this industry can be difficult for employers, considering that the transportation industry is so large and diverse. In fact, according to city-data.com, in Indianapolis, Indiana, the transportation industry is one of the major industries within the area, making it an even more competitive application process. The hiring process can be overwhelming for employers, and using transportation headhunters in Indianapolis can strongly benefit a company. With various positions and professions, specialized recruiters such as Indianapolis transportation executive recruiters can be beneficial for the toughest job openings to fill.


Indianapolis Transportation Industry

Some of the most prominent transportation companies in Indianapolis include FedEx, United Parcel Service, Ozburn-Hessey Logistics, Celadon Group, Langham Logistics, BioStorage Technologies, and Sentry Logistic Solutions, according to Indy Chamber. The market is so large in Indianapolis, however, that there are tens of hundreds more big name transportation companies in the area.

Salaries within this industry range greatly between positions and experience. For instance, in Indianapolis, the average bus driver makes around $28,000, according to Glassdoor. Meanwhile, a logistics specialist in the area typically earns around $45,000. Larger salaries of about $88,000 can be seen in locomotive engineer incomes.


The Expertise of Transportation Recruiting in Indianapolis

Indianapolis transportation recruiters work to create optimal matchups between job applicants and employers. To be able to create such collaborations, these headhunters must exhibit various standards and qualifications to even become such expert recruiters.

From education requirements to experience, these people must meet certain criteria and exceed beyond to be the best and bring optimal results. More often, these headhunters actually have prior experience within the transportation industry, making them well versed in the field and ready to create optimal matchups. Ultimately, their sole focus as recruiters is to find the best possible candidates for different employers.

To create the best match, the best Indianapolis transportation recruiters not only search for candidates and applicants with a list of qualifications and skillsets. The job extends far beyond that. The recruiters seek out well-rounded, ideal candidates with fitting personalities and competencies that will flow smoothly with the potential employers.


The Process

Filtering Applications

Because there is such a booming market in Indianapolis, Indianapolis transportation recruiters must filter through hundreds of applicants. With each client’s job posting, staffing workers must be able to act quickly and efficiently in identifying key applicants in accordance with the client’s needs. This may entail using a computer system that can capture keywords within applications or even manually reviewing each and every application.



Once the recruiter identifies a group of suitable applicants, he or she conducts a set of interviews to further narrow the list of candidates. Through this interviewing process, the recruiter not only learns more about each candidate’s competencies, but also gets a feel for their personalities as well – a vital aspect to consider when hiring.


Assist Final Candidate

After interviews are complete and a final candidate is selected, the recruiter begins helping this candidate in landing the job. By tailoring the candidate’s resume and modifying the cover letter, the headhunter helps the candidate ultimately stand out, ensuring all likelihood of grasping the job.


Maintaining Connections

For an Indianapolis transportation recruiter, the job is always tossed between various steps in multiple hiring processes for different clients. Work is constantly moving at a rapid pace and attention to detail is vital. Maintaining contact and connection with different candidates and clients ensures customer satisfaction. This consistent contact also allows the recruiter to be alert and aware of the changing market and different job openings at all times. The best transportation recruiters will always maintain these connections to optimize business.


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