Top 10 Productivity Apps for Recruiters for 2020

Top 10 Productivity Apps for Recruiters

While a recruiter’s main goal is to hire the best person for the company, this one and only objective requires a variety of tasks. On an average day, a recruiter may be doing anything from reviewing resumes, scheduling interviews, writing and posting job ads, going over assessment tests, conducting background checks, interviewing, negotiating salaries… the list goes on and on. The days can seem too short to contain everything you need to get done, and time is always spent in all of the wrong places.

It’s always best to utilize technology as much as possible, to make your life easier. By understanding the various tools available for recruiters, you can ensure that some processes are streamlined and that your time is best spent on the most important thing — finding the right candidate. 

To that end, we’ve curated a list of the best productivity apps for recruiters. These will also remove some of the mental load of remembering appointments and following up on tasks. Here are our recommendations for 10 productivity apps for recruiters, arranged by category.


Productivity tools for recruiters: Sourcing and Recruiting Tools



1. Recooty

ATS software is one of the best productivity tools out there for recruiters, and if you’re not using one, it’s time to start. It can handle anything from processing resumes and categorizing them by keywords, to automating emails to candidates and creating a scoresheet for assessment. We picked Recooty as our recommendation for this category, as it’s one of the easiest systems around, making sure you don’t waste time on implementation as well. It takes care of anything from applicant tracking up until hiring and onboarding, with a visual pipeline that’s user-friendly — all at an incredibly affordable price. You can also check out other ATS solutions here.



2. Followerwonk

In many cases, you’ll need to approach passive candidates instead of waiting for them to come to you after seeing your job advertisement. This will mostly be the case with niche roles, which require a specific set of skills. Most recruiters use LinkedIn to search for these candidates. However, if you want to expand your reach, Followerwonk lets you search Twitter according to industries and locations using keywords, which makes it one of the best productivity tools for recruiters. Moreover, it’s free, which makes it even more appealing.



3. Spark Hire

While much of the daily recruiting work can be multitasked, interviewing usually takes up a lot of time, as it requires your full attention. For an hour or so, you need to be focusing on one person, ignoring all emails and calls. Often even after that hour, you’ll need to make sure you note all of your impressions and share them with your team. Spark Hire is here to help streamline the interview process, with some creative solutions. 

First, you can pre-record interview questions, which the candidates can then answer on their own time. This eliminates the need for scheduling, but still lets you look at the body language and other ways of expression. Second, live interviews can be recorded and shared with the team, which also contributes to it being one of the best productivity tools for work in recruiting. Check out other video interviewing tools here.


Productivity apps for recruiters: Project Management Tools



4. Evernote

As mentioned, recruiters usually juggle many balls and have a lot going on. Often, a simple list will not be enough to help you remember everything you’re handling. Evernote is on our list of tools for recruiters that boost productivity, as it’s like a task list, but elevated. It lets you save documents, web pages, and PDF’s, along with your notes — all in one place. There’s a search feature, which makes sure you can go back to old notes, and you can also share them with other people.



5. Asana

If you work within a team, Asana is useful in keeping everyone organized and productive. The platform lets you create long-term goals and break them down into daily tasks, which makes them easier to digest. Tasks can be assigned to different people on the team with a priority attached to them, and the entire progress of a project can be tracked. This lets you know where the project is stuck, where time is wasted and who may need extra help.


Best productivity tools for work in recruitment: Social Media Management

There is no way around it — social media has now become a big part of a recruiter’s life. Not only should you use different social media channels to look for potential candidates, but it’s also a place for you to post vacancies, as well as maintain a strong employer branding strategy to attract direct hires.



6. Hootsuite

 Hootsuite provides you with an easy way to update all of your social media channels from one dashboard. You can schedule posts for different days of the week, analyze the performance and keep track of the most successful posts. This software enables you to create searches by hashtags and users, helping you keep up with trends. Retweets and replies are also easier with this feature, which will increase engagement on your channels.



7. Dlvr.it

 Dlvr.it is the master of automatization for social media. It can pull articles directly from your RSS feed to be posted on different channels, saving you time on creating the posts by yourself. You can also create posts for “everqueue”, which means that they will be posted again and again every week (until you decide to stop them). With its category system, you can basically create a reserve of posts and a weekly schedule, to be posted in a cycle — freeing you up to update social media only when new vacancies come up and on special occasions.


Best productivity apps for recruiters: Time and Scheduling



8. Forest

One of the major difficulties most people face when it comes to productivity is procrastination. Have you ever found yourself checking notifications on your phone or browsing Instagram instead of sending an important email? Forest tries to combat that with a combination of the Pomodoro Technique and gamification.

This app will let you set the time you want to stay focused. Once you start, it will begin growing a virtual tree. During that time, if you leave the app to go to Facebook, Twitter, or any other app, the tree will die. So basically, it’s forcing you to focus on the task at hand. The best part — collect enough points and you can actually contribute to planting an actual tree.



9. Rescue Time

If you find yourself getting to the end of the day and feeling that you haven’t really done anything, Rescue Time may provide the solution. We include it with other tools for recruiters that boost productivity, as it gives you a complete picture of your activities — letting you analyze on which websites and apps you waste most of your time, and where you are most fruitful.



10. Calendly

You’re probably spending a good chunk of your day scheduling — whether it’s scheduling interviews with candidates or scheduling meetings with your team. This, also, can be streamlined by a good tool. There are plenty of meeting scheduling tools out there, but our personal favorite is Calendly. It’s easy to use, both for you and people who want to schedule an appointment with you. By integrating the tool with your Google or Office Calendar, you can provide people with your availability. They can easily book through your custom URL, and will also receive automatic reminders beforehand.