6 Recruiting Trends You Should Follow in 2021

6 Recruiting Trends You Should Follow in 2021

If we look at the current job market going into 2021, it is led more by the jobseekers than it is by the employers. In fact, as much as 90% of the market is candidate-driven, allowing the jobseeker to become much more selective. This means that if you wish to hire the most skilled person for the role, it’s not enough to offer a good salary with great benefits.

With candidates being offered so many choices, it’s up to the employer to change with the times and adopt new talent acquisition trends to make sure that your company stands out of the crowd. The recruiting trends for 2021 embrace a new way of thinking, looking at the candidates almost like customers, and trying to market towards them, as well as better their recruiting process. Here are the top recruitment trends you should use this year, to make sure you don’t miss out on the best talent.

Trend #1. Target Your Marketing

As much as you think you know about your potential employee, their devices know so much more. Their location, searches, latest purchases and social interaction are all saved and ready to be used in your targeted ads. So don’t waste your time and money on general job boards and newspaper ads ー benefit from all of this data and target your ideal candidate. Also, make sure to create an ad that will speak directly to them, with words that they will understand and graphics that they will find appealing.


Trend #2. Branding will Help Your Company’s Appeal

As the candidates hold most of the power in the job market, it’s up to you to stand out from other companies, and creating a strong employer branding is one of the best ways to do just that. As one of the top recruiting trends in 2021, branding towards your potential employee will help boost the company’s popularity, value proposition, and reputation. One way of doing that is by developing a strong social media presence ー it’s worth creating a separate profile for the company when recruiting, as the messaging is different than selling a product. Another way is to encourage current employees to post positive reviews about working in your company. You can also create testimonial videos on your website with current employees. Try and think of creative ways to make your company look attractive, without making it feel too forced and marketed.


Trend #3. Reach Out to Your Candidates on Social Media

We’ve mentioned advertising on social media, but that is not the only use (or even the best) for this avenue. There are so many ways you can use the different channels to locate potential candidates, develop a relationship with them and encourage them to apply for the role. First, use your designated profiles (the ones that are not used to promote a product) to publish content about your company. You can post news, new hires, the employee of the month and more, and encourage your employees to share. These profiles can be used to advertise open positions as well.

Groups are a great place to find your target candidate. Try Facebook and LinkedIn groups for posting your openings, or asking for references. Every person who contacts you through those channels may not be looking for a job now but may look in the future. You’re building a long-term pipeline of connections.


Trend #4. Make Smart Decisions with HR-Analytics

Another one of the top HR hiring trends this year is one that may be hard for some people to adopt. Analytics is being used in marketing to better understand the target customer and improve targeting. Since we’re now looking at the candidates more like consumers, Analytics is a great way of decoding their behaviors, as well as save money and time on recruiting.

You can obtain the data needed using Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and other automated tools. And if you are unfamiliar with the different data and Analytics methods and don’t know how to start, there are plenty of places to educate yourself, such as HR conferences. This data can help you decide which part of your process may not be working, and you could focus your efforts on improving it.


Trend #5. Use Referrals to your Advantage

Research has proven again and again that referred candidates take the shortest amount of time to hire, require less money in the process and are retained for longer periods. This can be explained by the fact that referred candidates arrive with existing knowledge about your company. Their friend or family member told them about the position and environment when recommending they should apply. Therefore, they have realistic expectations.

There’s also an added obligation the referee feels towards the person who referred them, to make sure they don’t disappoint. In addition, friends usually share the same interests and values, meaning that the referred applicant will be a good match for your company. Just like with products, when one customer is enjoying it (in this case ー working for you), the more likely it is that their friends will purchase it as well. You can either ask your employees for references or use a referral software.


Trend #6. Improve Candidate Experience

A famous news article from a few years back tells that bad interview experiences cost Virgin Media $5M annually. To make a long story short, after a candidate received poor treatment from a secretary and the interviewer, and declared on social media that both she and her sister will switch suppliers as a result, it turned out that she was not the only one to do that. In fact, 6% of all rejected candidates decided to cancel their Virgin subscription and recommend their friends to do so as well.

What we can learn from this is that every step of the recruiting process matters, even if the applicant doesn’t make it to the final stage. This is also referred to as the candidate experience. This is not just a lesson for service suppliers, as jobseekers talk to other jobseekers, and use websites such as Glassdoor. So one of the best recruiting trends 2021 can offer you is to make sure you respect and support your candidates all through the recruiting process, so they praise your company to anyone who listens.